Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


27. Kidnapped By The Wanted

I woke with a bunch of murmurs. My head really hurt. Then it hit me. Holly Crap I have been kidnap!!! Now I could hear the kidnappers perfectly.



"Nath!" A guy said in a British accent. Nath? What? He sounded like Max from The Wanted but I could be wrong. I couldn't see nothing. Great. Note the sarcasm. I heard footsteps coming from upstairs.



"Why do you have her?" Another guys said. He sounded like Nathan.



"Why not?"



"You guys should not be doing this to her" He said back. I heard him come close to me and untied the thing that is covering my eyes. When it was off I look into Nathan's eyes.



I got up right away and said "Why am here." Nathan glare at Max and Tom and I did the same. "Why. am. my. here."



"We kidnap you."



I raise my eyebrows and said "OK, But don't say kidnap. I want to go home."



"You can't."



"And why not but one sec. Can I do something." I ask.



"What is it?" Jay said. I stand up and walk to the middle of the living room. They all look surprise on why am I standing in front of them.






"Is that's what you want to do?" Nathan chuckle.



I giggle and said "Yeah. Like I told you." I pointed at Nathan. "And Tom." I also pointed at him. Max glare at him and Tom smile awkward. "I like this band. Louis can't tell who to h-hate." I collapse on floor tears falling down. Nathan came to me and hug me. I hug him back now cry. Everything is dump on me so fast.



Nathan pull away and said "Do you want a cup of tea?" I don't know why but I giggle and just nod. He smile and help me up. "Guys cheer her up for me while I make tea for all of us?" They all nod and smile at me. I smile back and sat next to Max.



"So since we have you here. Lets watch a movie."



"A scary movie." Tom said and everyone agree and so did I.



Nathan came back with six cup of tea. We all said our thank you to Nathan and started watch the movie. I was sitting between Max and Nathan but to when I turn to Max and the rest of the guys. They were looking at the TV in horror.



I smile and turn to Nathan. "Hey, I guess you band mates are scared and they are are the one who agree to watch a scary movie."



Nathan chuckles and said "I know they do that a lot." I giggle and lay my head on Nathan shoulder. I know I shouldn't do it but I was so tired. I'm pregnant what do you expect. We all heard a knock on the door and Max, Tom, Jay, and Siva jump and scream like a girls which made me laugh.



"Fine I'll get it. Scary cats." I got up went to the door. "Its probably the pizza guy not a kill- Liam!?! OMG your here" I hug him. I pulled away and saw OMG Danielle."Ohh... Is this Danielle that you always tell me about." Liam blush and nod. I giggle and said "Well how sweet your blushing. Hi I'm Heidi. Louis' girlfriend its good to finally meet you. Liam will always talk about you which I'm happy to listen. Your very pret-"



"Heidi who's at the- ohh them." Max said giving Liam a glare. Max grab me by the waist which I see Liam getting angry and pull me behind him. "What do you want Liam." he said harshly.



"I'm here to get Heidi back."



"Well you can't get her back." He said. I see the rest of the guys glaring at Liam except Nathan. He see Liam was pleaded to get me back.



"Ummm... lads. Let me talk to him. You guys go." Nathan said. The rest of the lads left and took me. I look at Liam with tears in my eyes. I want to leave. Not stay here. I like them but I want to be in Louis' warm arms but I can't and I don't know why.




Nathan's P.O.V.




Once I close the door I walk in the living room. She's pregnant. Wow. Now I know why Liam is protective in him. I don't blame him. I would be doing the same thing if I was in him case. I sat next to Heidi.

I put one arm around her and ask "Can I talk to you in private?" She look up at me and nod. We got up and head to the backyard. "Lets put our legs in the pool."



She smile and said "OK." We both took out our shoes and socks and dump our legs in the water. She looks at me waiting for me to talk. Well here goes nothing.







3 more chapters to go guys. Sorry its short but I hope you all like this chapter.



OK, now since the sequel is ready (kinda) I suck at description so I'll give a shout out and credit (of course) help with the description.



Here's a new a approve prologue.




~2 Years Later~ 

When you knew your relationship wasn't going to last.Its been Two years now and I'm now nineteen. A mother of twins that are now one years old. Me and my best friend Sierra are finally out of high school. After high school we gone our separate way. Sierra moved with Zayn to London as for me and Louis... I am still with The Wanted. Its not kidnap... It's kinda of like living with them. A lot could happen in two years. Louis is now dating Eleanor which broke my heart. Zayn tells me that Louis is not happy with her that he wants to be with me. It breaks my heart that he wasn't there to see the birth his son and daughter, their first walk, and also there first word. After two years of waiting for him. I felt useless. A year has pass founding out about Louis and Eleanor dating. I as well am dating with Nathan Sykes. My life change when I bumped into someone in what I call memory lane.

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