Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


25. It Happens For A Reason (Part 2)

How did this happen? How is Harry still dating her? I thought they broke up. I was still frozen when Liam wave his hand in front of my face. I kept glaring at Vanessa like I was trying to kill her which I wish I could. I heard a door open and close. I look to see Harry. He saw and he knew I'm pissed but... didn't know why? Strange.



"What's going- Vanessa what are you doing here?" Harry said.



I raised my eyebrows and said "You didn't knew she was here?" I'm confused.



"No I left to the bar once you guys left." Well then this bitch is lying. Not Harry. Vanessa is.



"Don't be silly Harry you call me to come and talk."



"No I didn't."



"OK!!" I yelled. "Vanessa get the-"



"Leave or I will call security." Simon demand. Whoa I didn't knew he was still here. I gave him a thank you smile and he nod. Vanessa huff and walked out of the bus.



"Thank you Simon." I said. I was so happy. That chick is never coming back.



Nathan P.O.V.


Today I decided to talk to Heidi. Its been awhile. I do miss talking to her. So I stayed in my room while the lads go do Tom and Max do something. I got on my laptop and got twitter. I went straight to MP and message Heidi.



N: Hey Heidi long time no talk love. How are you.



H: I'm fine thanks for asking.




I frown. She doesn't look fine. I what happen.



N: You don't look fine. Are you OK love?



H: Not really I got into a little fight with Louis. So now I'm walking in LA.



N: Oh really? Awwww I'm sorry to hear that. Why are you walking alone its almost dark I think you should go back to the hotel or bus.



I send the message and didn't get a reply right away like I always do. I waited hours for her message and nothing. I'm starting to get worry.



"Nath!" I heard Max downstairs snapping me out of my thought. I walked out of my room and go downstairs. "We need your to help us carry her." Her? Did they just- NO. Once he moved out of the way. I knew who he meant... Heidi.





Sorry its to short trying not to get caught. I will Type more right now.

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