Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


26. Here We Go Again

Heidi P.O.V.



I was in the back of the bus. I heard Louis yell my name out. I close my laptop and got out of my bunck and look for Louis. When I found him he was holding his phone. He looks angry for some reason.






"Why Heidi?" He ask. I was confuse. What did I do.



"Why what?"



"Don't act stupid Heidi. Why are talking to Tom from The Wanted." my eyes went wide. How did he found out. I did really talk to Tom but more good thing he doesn't know I talk to Nathan as well.



"I'm not but what's so bad about talking one of The Wanted? Its not like I'm talking or meeting up with them."



"Do you like them?"



"As a band yeah. I like there music. You think your the only band I like?" I ask him. He didn't say nothing. he just stared. He really did think that. "Well your not the only band Lou. I like Big Time Rush, Linkin Park, and old group from the pass."



"Isn't Linkin Park a rock band?" He ask.



I giggle and said "Yeah they are. Why?"



"I like that band too." I smile at him and he smile back but it went to serious. "But I don't want you to be talking to him or the other Wanted guys."



"Why Nathan and Tom-"



"ANOTHER ONE YOU TALK!" I flinch at his out burst.



"Why is it so important that I don't talk to them. Nathan is a good person to talk to I don't need you to tell me who or to not talk to, Louis. You maybe my boyfriend but I could to who ever I want."



"Well I don't date people who talk to and like The Wanted." That hurt. I look deep into his eyes already know that he regret saying that.



"Babe, I didn't mean-"



"No its fine. If you think that way then... I'll just go take a walk." tears were already sliding down of my eyes. Here we go again. Gud fight like in the past. I hate fight but in some way, it always happen. I got out of the bus and walk in a different direction. I felt my phone buzz when I know it my notification. I unlocked it and notice Nathan message me. Good. Just the person I need to talk to.



N: Hey Heidi long time no talk love. How are you.



H: I'm fine thanks for asking.



N: You don't look fine. Are you OK love?



H: Not really I got into a little fight with Louis. So now I'm walking in LA.



When I put my phone back in my pocket. Someone grabbed me by the waist and put a cloth that smell like alcohol to my nose. I was screaming, more like humming into some till I black out.





Louis' P.O.V.




Its been four hours that Heidi had left. I'm starting to get worry. I got my phone out and call Heidi. It rang so many times that she didn't answer her phone. Usually she would answer right away but this time no answer. I'm really worry. I call Sierra to check if she went with her. It rang twice and she answer.



"Hello?" she ask.



"Hey Sie, is Heidi? She left like four hours ago and never came back."


"No she hasn't. Me and Zayn have been in the hotel all day and no one hasn't knock. Is everything OK over there?" She said.




"Well no me and Heidi had a big fight-"



"Louis." Sierra whine. "You know how much she hates to argue. She have your baby for god sakes. What did you told her now that she's probably crying her eyes out somewhere?" She's really angry. I was here a lot of mumbling and shuffling through the other line.



"Well I kind told her that I don't date people who talk to and like The Wanted." The shuffling had stop and-



"WHAT THE ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY LOUIS. YOU ARE SO STUPID YOU KNOW THAT?" she yell. Wow that hurt my ear but I deserve it.



"I know Sierra. I screw up. I'm really worry right now." I couldn't help but to let the tears fall that has threaten to come out. I'm a big screw up. I didn't meant the words that came out of my mouth.



Sierra sigh and said "I know you are. Just... We will be there and help you look for her.


"OK bye."













"Where she possibly be. We already went all over LA and we went to San Jose to look for her. Where could she be." I said now panicking. Its been already three days we haven't found her. Sierra and I call and text Heidi none stop as well Liam but not as much as us. Something tells me he knows where she's at but not tell us. His phone rang all of a sudden.



"I gotta take this guys. Be back." Before we could ask who is it. He left the bus. He's been oddly wired this three days. And I'm going to find out why.





Liam's P.O.V.



I got out of the bus quick as I could before they could ask me who is it. When she got missing three days ago. I got worry. I called Danielle to help me track her. Two hours we found her. Danielle flew to California to help that day and



I couldn't believe who had her.







"Hey babe found her. Here's the address." Danielle said give me the paper.



"Great lets go get her." I said grabbing the keys and head to the car.



Me and Danielle stop at a big driveway and a huge mansion. Wow this is huge. I could Danielle in awe about the mansion. I don't blame her Its huge.



"Wow." That's all I could say. We walk up the steps and knock on the door. We heard a lot of shuffling in the mansion so pretty sure Heidi is in there.



"Fine I'll get it. Scary cats." I female voice say but a familiar one may I add. I hear footsteps coming closer. As she opens it she said "Its probably the pizza guy not a kill- Liam!?! OMG your here" Heidi hug me tightly. She let go and she saw Danielle. "Ohh... Is this Danielle that you always tell me about." I blush and nod. Heidi giggle and said "Well how sweet your blushing. Hi I'm Heidi. Louis' girlfriend its good to finally meet you. Liam will always talk about you which I'm happy to listen. Your very pret-"



"Heidi who's at the- ohh them." Max said giving me a glare. He grabbed Heidi by the waist which anger me and pull her in back oh him. "What do you want Liam." he said harshly.



"I'm here to get Heidi back."



"Well you can't get her back." He said. I look behind him to see the rest of his mates glaring at me except Nathan. I don't have no trouble with him. He see I was pleaded to get her back.



"Ummm... lads. Let me talk to him you guys go." Nathan said. The rest of the lads left and took Heidi. She look at me with tears in her eyes. I narrow my eyes on Nathan as he came and talk to us. "Look, I can't give you Heidi back, I'm sorry. I didn't plan on this at all. I didn't even knew what's going till they brought her here. I didn't let them touch her in a way you, Louis and the rest of your lads would be mad. I promise I will convince them to let her go. Just give me two days. Here my number. She will call you there." I nob and took the piece of paper.



"Just two days, Nathan. Louis is ready going crazy. Just letting you know she's pregnant so don't let them do nothing or I will have to get her myself." with that I grab Danielle hands and walk to the car and drove away.




~End Of Flashback~




"Hello." I said.


"Liam? Is this you." Heidi said. She sound OK but also happy.


"Yes its me."


"Good. Nathan convince them to let me go but tomorrow." She said happily. I'm happy to hear that.


"That's great Heidi."


"But one thing. Louis has to be the one to pick me up and he has to be alone."


"Why?" I ask. It strange that they just want Louis to go but he is Heidi's boyfriend. I sigh and said "OK I let Louis know."


"OK, and Liam?"


"Yes love." I said. Yes I still call her that. She doesn't mind and also Louis.


"Tell Louis that I love him and miss him and to get me soon."


"I will Heidi. We all miss you Heidi we all want you back. We will get you back I promise. Tell Nathan I said thank you."


"I will. Bye Li."


"Bye." I said hang up the phone. I walk to the bus to greeted by Louis in front of me.


"Who was that Liam?" he said. Well he goes nothing.

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