Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


20. Fighting For Him (Part 2)

(A/N)  There WILL be no more parts (Your Welcome). Next chapter they will be in LA. So Enjoy.



--- Heidi Xxx :)






"Hello?" I heard Max on the other line. I've called so to ask him in a favor.


"Hey Max, I need a favor from you"


"Anything, what you need?"


"Well I met a member of One Direction.He's Louis Tomlinson. He was flirting with me. He even ask if wanted go for coffee sometime but he blow me off to go to the US to meet his sluty girlfriend which he never mention at all and now I revenge." I said to him.


"I'll help. What's the plan." He asked. I grin and tell him my plan and hopefully it would work.




Max's P.O.V.




When I hang up. I went to talk to Tom. We both hate that Louis lad and Zayn as well. So I know he would help me.


"Tom can I talk to you?" I ask. He nod and patted the couch to sit next to him and I did. "I need help with something."


"With what."


"Well Eleanor called and She wants our help." He looks at me confuse.


"Help with what"


"She met Louis and she want us to kidnap his girlfriend."


"Wait wait wait..... What are you crazy. Hating him is one thing but kidnapping his girlfriend is way to far." He said.


I roll my eyes and said. "When they met he was flirting with her and ask her to go for coffee but then blew her off to come here to meet his girlfriend which he never mention before and now she want revenge."


"Do you even know where she even live though?"


"No clue. But I check online they have a gig here in LA in two days and he might bring her hopefully."


"We could Check Twitter." He suggested. I nod and got my laptop.


I sign in and search his name. Once I found it, I clicked on it. I scroll down and till I found something interesting. "Hey look. This from today. He spending time with his girlfriend till he leaves to LA but might ask her come along with him."


"Dose it say her name?" Tom said.


"Yeah, Heidi. She has a Twitter as well. I'm going to check it out." I said. When I got to her profile. "It looks like she is a fan of them. She has a background pictures of them. But wait. I think she's following us."


"Really? Should we follow her and talk to her. I'm pretty sure Louis would be mad if we do but he can't tell her who or who to not talk to."


"Well he doesn't hate Nathan. Lets get him to-"


"Get me to what?" Nathan said as he came down from the stairs.


"Ohh Nath, we need a big big favor from you but it involves you talking to a girl on twitter. That's it and don't stop talking to her till we said to stop, OK?" I said. He nod slowly. He wasn't quite sure about. I sigh and said "We'll take you out and buy you more hats." He thinks about it and then nod.


"Sure, when do I start."




Nathan's P.O.V.



They told me the name of the girl as I search her in my Twitter account. When I found her I clicked it and her profile popped up. She's a fan of 1D huh? Interesting. I have nothing against the lads. My band mates does but I don't. I look at profile picture. Wow, she's really pretty. I followed her really quickly and could tell the rest of the lads had follow as well, including Jay and Siva. I got on private messages and message her.  


(A/N- N for Nathan and H for Heidi only for that.)


N: Heyyy Umm... I'm Nathan. Probably already knew.



I'm such and idiot. I face palm and look at the screen. Why in the hell I tell her my name. She knew that obviously. Finally I got a message back from her. I smile and- wait did I just smile? She's pretty but I know that she's dating Louis from One Direction. I wonder how that happen and why I need to talk to her.



H: Hey..... and yes I knew that. I'm Heidi. Wow I can't believe I'm talking to one of the members on The Wanted and so glad its you. I love you guys music.


N: Well don't fangirl to much *Wink*... and thank you. What's your favorite song?


H: Glad you came. Really good song. But I kinda have a question if I can ask?


N: Yeah shoot...


H: Well..... Why are you not mad at One Direction but The rest are?


N: To be honest idk.... I have nothing against them.


H: Ohh well that's all I want to know. You guys are great but I hate the feud.


N: Same here that's why I don't get involved.


H: Awwww how sweet Nath. ^__^ That's why you are my favorite. *Wink Wink*


I blush a little when I read her message and she just call me Nath. Wow, she has that affect on me.


H: I gotta go. Louis' here. He doesn't know I'm messaging you.


N: That's fine.... umm Can I speak to you again?



Please say yes. Please say- wait shut up Nath.


H: Yes tomorrow at 3 in the afternoon ;) ttyl haha.




Heidi P.O.V.



I was smiling really wide when I was talking Nathan from The Wanted. Sierra would be jelly. I'm soooo tell her. She's more a huge fan than I am but I had to stop talking to him because Louis came back from playing soccer. I introduced him to my brother. I told he plays soccer and very good at it so he invited him to go play and I stayed in the hotel waiting. I quickly log off and close my laptop still smiling like an idiot.


"Heyy babe." He said kiss me oh the lips. "Why are you so happy about."


"I'm just happy. It's my hormones." I lie. I hate lying to him but I can't risk him starting something on twitter.


He narrow his eyes at me. "Really." I nod slowly hope he get it. "Well I glad you are."


"How's playing soccer with my brother?" I ask.


"Amazing. I love playing football."


"Babe we are in America not in the UK." I said laughing kissing him on the cheek.


He laugh and said "I know.... Well since I'm leaving to LA-"


"Your leaving already?"


"Well yeah we have a gig in two days but we also have interviews tomorrow." I frown and looked down. "Hey, hey, look at me." he said. I look up and see his beautiful blue eyes. "I would come back but..... if you want to with us. I'll be even more happy but you have to ask you parents first before you-" he was cut off by a knock. I look at Louis confuse and he had the same expression. "I wonder who's that." He got up and went to open the door. When he open it a girl hugged him. I didn't know what to do. I froze when that happen. Tears threaten to come but I didn't. I took a deep breath and sigh. When she let go I walk to them and wrapped one of my arms around Louis. For some reason this chick glare at me but hide it right away.


"What are doing here I thought you have class."


"Well.... I miss you and-"


"We just met one time how can you miss." he said. I looked at her but any emotion wasn't showing. She giggle and look at him flirtatious. I glare at her deadly. This girl wants to get punch straight up on her face. I let go of Louis and walk to the bathroom. I didn't want to see her stupid face. She better not do anything while I'm not there. I call Sierra really to make her come and back me up. After to rings she answer.


"Hello" she said.


"Hey Sie, I need here in our apartment like now. Some girl is here and I don't know but Louis knows her and she's giving him Flirty looks." I said.


"Yeah I'll be there." she said. I hang up when we said our byes. I heard a moan on the other side of the door. I shook my head not wanting to know what's going on. I hesitate opening the door afraid what I'm about to see. I heard another moan but louder. Tears start to fall down. I open the door right away and I couldn't believe my eyes. They are half naked on the bed making out. More tears started to fall. I felt betrayal and hurt. I grab all my stuff and my laptop and walked up to the front door not bothering to disturb them. Opening the door, Sierra was already standing in front of me. She notice I was crying that she push me aside and walked in.


"What the fuck is going on!?!" She shouted. I saw Louis pull the girl away and look at me and Sierra with wide eyes. He saw me and notice the tears as well. There's fear in his eyes when he saw me.


"Heidi it's..... I'm-" I cut him off.


"No, Louis!!" I yell. "I can't believe what I'm seeing." I start to choke up a little. Sierra hold me because she knew I was getting week on my knees.


"Well believe now." The girl mutter. I was boiled in anger. This chick was on my last nerves.


"You son of a-"


"Heidi!" Sierra shout. I glare at Sierra and then glare back at the girl that was smirking. "What the hell are doing here Eleanor?"


"Here to see Louis."


"Well I don't. I Have a-"


"Maybe you don't Louis" I said still in tears. I see Louis' eyes widen.


"What do you mean I don't" Said Louis. I could see tears threatening to come out in his but he fought it. I look away not wanting to look into his eyes. He came close to me and grabbed me by the waist "Baby, please look." I shook my head. "Please" I slowly Look up and see that he's finally in tears."Baby, she doesn't mean nothing to me. You mean everything to me and also this baby...." He said as he hold on to my belly which now is a little big."... And I love you." He add. I look at him and kiss him on the lips but then we heard laughter in back of us. I turn to see Eleanor laughing.


"That's sweet makes me want to vomit." She said. I tense up and Louis notice.


"Listen here you little twat. If you don't leave now, I will make you leave." I growl at her. 


"Awww scared that I'm stealing your man. Poor baby." I was getting so angry that I couldn't control myself.


"Over my die body." I went up to her and grab hand full of her hair drag her by the front door and push her out. "You leave me and him alone." I slam the door and turn to see a surprise Sierra and Louis.


"Dam babe." Said Louis. I giggle and walk up to him and kiss one the cheeks. "I love you Heidi...... Forever." He put his forehead on mine.


I smile and said "I love you too Louis... Forever."

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