Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


29. Choose

Heidi's P.O.V.




Nathan and I stayed outside enjoying ourselves. I guess Liam told him I'm pregnant. I told him I'm having twins and he was even more shock. After our talk we went inside. I see the guys still watching movies. Smirked, I look at Nathan and he looked at me.


"We should scared them." I whispered to Nathan. He chuckle a little and nod. I smile and said


"OK follow my lead Nath." I giggle. I went up to the guys and ask "Hey guys want to watch a very scary movie."


"What movie?" Tom ask confused.


I smirk and said "A movie."
















"Why is she going close to the door!!" Jay yell. I'm not paying any attention to the movie Scream. I'm to amuse on the guys expression in there face. I snuggling close to Nathan while he is also getting scared. What babies.


"Hey Nath?" I ask. He look down at me and smile.




"Can I have my phone back I want to text people and also I want to get on Twitter." I said with a big puppy face. Louis can never resist with my puppy face hope it will work on Nathan here.


"Fine but don't text the lads just-"


"I wasn't even going to text them anyways. Liam is not even going to tell the guys. When he's by himself. He won't tell." I said. "Please?" I added with the puppy face again.


"OK come it's in the kitchen." he said. I follow to kitchen. I jump on the counter looking at Nathan looking for my phone. I heard girly screaming from the living room. I bet it's Jay.


"I'm going to go check you look for my phone." I said and he nod. I walk out of the kitchen to the living room to see only three members of The Wanted also scared but not moving.


"Where's JayJay?" I asked them. Silence. "Guys?" I ask. OK, these guys are scared. I went to the front of them hiding the TV and yell "Boo!!!" Tom and Max hug each and Siva just ran out.


"Now I got you attention." I giggle. There so funny when they are scared. "Where JayJay?" I ask again.


"H-He r-r-r-ran t-to h-h-his r-room." Tom stutter.


"OK no more scary movies for you guys. Go to your room." I demanded. The two mutter 'GoodNight'. I walk to the kitchen where Nathan look through my phone. "Heyy it's privacy."


He look up and smile. "Liam and the other really cares about you."


"What makes you think that?"


"They still haven't stop texting or calling you none stop. Liam stop texting you cause he knows where you are but Louis, wow." My heart drop hearing that name. I want to see him so badly I miss him. He probably so worry and crazy looking for me. "Just read some." He whisper. He lean down and kiss me on the cheeks and I blush. He smile and said "G'night, love."


"Night." I whisper. "Wait!" I said catching him up. "Where and I sleeping?" I asked.


"Ohh that's right follow me we have an extra room." he said. I follow him upstairs and stop at the very last door. "Here's your room." said Nathan. "This is a guest room but since your here it's all yours. Since you don't have clothes, we will take you out shopping for clothes."


I smile and nod. "Thanks Nathy." I hug him and he hug me back. When we pull apart our face was an inch close to each other. I see Nathan look down on my lips and I did the same. I want to stop it but I am still froze in my spot.


Nathan lean closer and ask "I'm going to kiss you, OK?" I slowly nod not trusting my voice. He got closer and smash his lips on mine. They are so soft and gentle. I didn't kiss him back. It's so wrong but it's so right. I gave in and I kiss him back. Our lips were moving in sync.


I pull away and started to freak out. "OMG I shouldn't of done that... I-I gotta go." I in the room and closed it. I slid down and stared thinking.





Nathan's P.O.V.



I'm such an idiot. I shouldn't have kissed. She's not mine, she's Louis'. I wish she is mine. She is beautiful and funny girl. I love how she snuggle next to me. I anything happen to her and Louis. I would get her. I'm in my room thinking. Is she mad at me? Would she stop talking to me? Everything is in my head. I got ready for bed and fell to sleep.
















"Nathan wake up!!" someone yell and shaking me. I open my eyes to see who it was. Heidi.


I smile and said "Good morning."


"Come on JayJay and I made breakfast." she said excited. I chuckle a little and got up.


"OK OK I will be there in a little." I said to her. She smile at me and lean down and kiss me on the lips. I froze and look at her smirking at me.


"Hurry up or else I eat it all." she said walking out. I got up and walk down the stairs in my boxers to the kitchen. I sat down and look at Heidi sitting next to me. "Hello again Nathy." she giggle.


"Umm... yeah hi. Can I talk to you for a sec?" I ask and she nod. She follow me up the stairs to my room. She went in first along with me. I close the door behind me. I sat next to her and sigh. "Why did you kiss me?" I ask.


"Ummm I-I don't know." she lie. She knew why but didn't want to tell me.


"Are you mad at me for yesterday?" I had to ask her. I don't want to feel awkward around me. I do like her but she's taken.


"No of course not. Why would I. Look, my baby hormones are kicking in so if I act wired you know you why." she said.


"Then why you kiss-"


"I just wanted to kiss you OK." She cute me off. I smile and nod. "Good, lets go eat breakfast. I'm hungry." she said getting up pecking my lips and walk away.



Heidi's P.O.V.




I walk to the kitchen and see Jay eating alone. "Hey JayJay." I greeted him. He look up at me and smile.


"Where were you Brownie? You left me eating."


"Brownie?" I ask. Since when he made a nickname for me?


"Yeah, cause your eyes." Jay said. I blush and look down. "Awwww don't worry Nath's the one that came up with the name."


I raise my eyebrows and ask "Really?"


"Yeah." he said. We stayed quite for a long time till we heard footsteps.


"Good morning Brownie!!" Tom said. Dam, does everybody know the nickname?


"How... did... you-"


"Nathan!!" Jay and Tom yell as it cue to come in the kitchen.


"Hey guys." Nathan said. I blush a little and look away."You ready Heidi."


I look at him confuse and said "Ready for what." I said with a mouth full of pancakes. Nathan roll his eyes.


"To go shopping silly." he said. Ohh yeah. I forgot about that.


"Yeah lets go!!" Tom said running out of the kitchen. I giggle and looked at Nathan and Jay.


"This should be fun."



~At The Mall~


We walked over three hours and I'm soooo tired. They had bought me dresses -_-, clothes, underwears, bras, make-up, etc. It been three hours and no paparazzi and that's a good thing. I don't want them to get caught with me. Once in a while some fans ask for autographs and pictures. I had glasses on so it was a good thing they don't recognize me. I was getting hungry... I'm always hungry, this baby stealing my food.


"Can we eat I'm hungry." I whine.


"Yeah, want to go to subway?" Max ask. You see Nathan left me with Max and Tom so he can get something, Jay went god knows where, and Siva is with his girlfriend and won't be back till tomorrow. Max doesn't talk to me that much. Tom always talk to me. He always trys to crack a joke and makes me laugh. The one thing that they don't know is that I'm pregnant and they should know.


Once we got to subway the people made our sub. Tom payed for both Max and I as well.


"So Things going?" Tom ask me.


"To be honest I feel like crap I miss Louis, the boys, and my best friend. Not seeing them it's hard." I said. I see guilty in Tom's eyes and Max the same.


"I'm sorry."


"Don't be Max. I don't want your guys pity. I love being with you guys. You all are fun to hang out. I know you and them don't get along but I wish you do. I can't be to much stress cause it will be bad the...." I trail off. They look at me confuse.


"Bad for the what?" Tom ask.


I sigh and said "It would be bad for the babies." Max chocked on his drink. I tap his back.


"Your pregnant?" Tom ask. They both look even more guilty.


"Yeah. Why do you guys look so guilty?" I ask. They're eyes went wide and share glance.


"What's going? Tell me what's wrong."


"Nothing, nothing." Max said. They are hiding something.


"We will tell you when it's right." Tom said too quickly. All I did is nod.
























"I guess I'm going to bed." I said. Yesterday was wired. Tom and Max are hiding something and they won't tell me. I got up and walk to my room. I yell "Good night!"


"Good night!" Everybody yell. I close my door and lay down. I took out my phone and click on the Twitter app. I see that Louis tweeted.


I'm missing her so much I hope your still @HeidiLuvs1D ILY


I smile at his tweet. I reply back.


@HeidiLuvs1D: @Louis_Tomlinson I miss you too. I am safe, nothing bad happen. ILY too Lou <3


Can't wait to go back with him tomorrow. I miss him a lot. I hope he comes for me I know he will. Thinking of all that, fell into a go sleep.



Louis' P.O.V.




What about Heidi that she wants to tell me. Is she OK? They didn't hurt her? They better not or else I will never forgive myself.


"W-What about Heidi? Is she OK? She's not hurt right?" I ask freaking out. Sierra stand by my side to comfort me.


"She's fine it's just... There something she told me and your not going to like it." she said. I feel Sierra tightened her grip on my arm. I look at her and she was glaring at Eleanor.


"What. Did. She. Said exactly?" Sierra said still glaring at Eleanor. She hates her so much that she doesn't want me around her. That's a good friend. She cares so much about Heidi the she would kill anyone that try to steal her boyfriend.


"She said that she doesn't want to come back. She wants to stay with-"


"She would never said that how dare you think that. She loves Louis and she would want to come back." Sierra cut off her with tears in her eyes. "She loves Louis and would never leave." She added.


"Well if you guys and Louis love her that much. You won't come for her." She snaps. With that she walk at of the bus.


"She doesn't want to come back."


"Louis don't be stupid. Of course she does. She loves you. If she doesn't then she would..... Ummm... text me." What?? And she didn't tell us or me about it.


"And why didn't."


"Cause she didn't want you to know and plus I ask her who has her cause she wouldn't have her phone. Do you know?"


"Yeah about that. She will be the one to tell you." I told her.


"Why not you guys?" She ask and I just shrug.


Well if she doesn't want me to come for her. Then I won't. "Then if Heidi wants to stay with them. I'm not going to go for her."




One more chapter to go!!!!!!!!

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