Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


9. Big Fight

It was eight thirty in the morning. I felt really comfortable in the bed till I felt a hand around my waist. I got scared so I slap it out.

"Owww!!! Babe it's me. Why you did that for" Louis said. I forgot that I was sleep with Louis. I felt bad for slapping that I just grab his and kiss it.

"Sorry Boo I forgot that I was sleepy with you" I sad giving him the puppy face. He laugh when he saw my face. I smile at him knowing why he's laughing at me. "Do you forgive me."

"Of course Heidi. I would never be mad at you" he smile and kiss me on the tip of my nose and I laugh. "Well lets go down stairs an__"

"Ahhh!!!" we both heard scream which I knew who it was. I ran to Zayn's door and open it. I saw Sierra on the floor with Zayn's shirt which made me wonder. I look at Zayn and was not wearing a shirt but he did had shorts on.

"Is everything OK" I ask them Sierra nod."What happen?" I ask her. She look so scared.

"I-I-I d-don't know w-what happen. I-I just woke with Z-Zayn and__" Zayn cut her off.

"Nothing happen Sierra." I see he was try to clam her down but didn't work. Didn't want to get close to him."We just slept in the same cause dumb Harry call dibs on the last room." he said and laugh about. Sierra and Zayn look at me very wired.

"OK I think you should cal__" I got cut off when I saw Louis came in and saw Sierra on the floor as well.

"Aww what the heck Zayn. What did you do" Louis demanded an answer. He looks so funny when he's mad but to be honest it was hot.

"Babe he didn't do nothing. She just didn't knew that she went to sleep with him. Like I was when I woke up." I said calming him down.

"Well why is she in Zayn's shirt. That will mean that__"

"Louis!!!" I yell. "Just because she's wearing Zayn's shirt doesn't mean she did it with him."

"How would you know that huh?"

"OMG, Louis, I just know."

"Then why won't you tell me"


"What truth hurts." I was shock the way he talk to me. It got me angry. I look at him then to Sierra and Zayn then back Louis.

"Your such a jerk." I said to Louis. I walk pass him without looking back.

"Heidi, babe!?!?" I heard him said before I close the behind me and close to his room. I went in his room and close it behind me and went to his bed. I sat waiting for Louis to come so we can decuss what he had said to me.



Louis's P.O.V.



"Louis what the hell" Sierra yell at me. I felt bad myself for what I said to her I didn't mean to say it in a mean way.

"I didn't mean it that way Sierra I swear" I tell her." I should go and talk to her."

"Ohh no you don't. You stay downstairs and wait there. I'll talk to her." Sierra said it was a good idea but to tell you the truth I fell like it she be someone she truly trust and I know who.

"No. Let someone else talk to her that she can trust." I told her.

"Duhh that will be me."

"No that will be someone that I'm going to text right now to come."

"Then who."

"You will see." she glare at me. She didn't believe that there's someone more better than her that could talk to her.

Once we bread the door Sierra look at me and smile. "So who's that person your tell me about?" she sarcastically told me. I look at her and then got up to open the door. I got to the door and open it and I turn around to see Sierra's face. It was priceless.

"No way Heidi would listen to Liam." I could see jealous in her face. It's hilarious to see her like that.

"Ohh come on Sierra don't get jealous of Liam now. Heidi gotten more closer to Liam than Zayn, Niall, and Harry." I tell her but she was was to shock about. Liam knew about it so it was all good.

"Well aleast I didn't say something rude to her."

"Burn!!!" Zayn said and I laugh.

"OK OK." Liam said to us. "So what did you tell her??" I went close and whisper everything that happen. Once I was done I look at him and he slap the back of my head.

"Owww Liam, I didn't mean to tell her that." I told Liam.

"Then why you said that."

"I don't know."

"There has to be a reason Lou."

"Ya Lou there." Sierra said. I look at Liam giving him 'go talk to her' look. He nod and walk upstairs to talk to her.

"It would be OK BooBear." Sierra said.

"I just don't want to lose. I___" I pause and close my mouth.

"Louis freaken Tomlinson, are falling in love with." she said. I stay still for a little I couldn't hide it any longer

"yes.....I do. I love her."

"Then why won't you just tell her instead saying something stupid."

"Sierra!!" Zayn said.


"it's fine. I just want tosay it soon. I don't want her to think that I don't love her." I told her. I try tell her once but didn't have the guts to tell her.'






Heidi's P.O.V




As i was waiting for Louis to come to the room. I decide to play around with my phone. I heard footsteps coming closer to the room. I thought of Louis coming in. 'knock knock' I heard the door. Should I get up and open it or stay here and yell to him to open? The thoughts I have in my head. So I decided to stay on my bed. Wait what did I just say my bed? Well what the heck I don't care. Yeah my bed. I want to live with him and be with him forever. But I'm in school, living far away(US), and him being on tour a lot will be busy all day. Makes us busy a lot not have time for each other.

I snap out of my thoughts and heard the door again. 

"Come in" I said preparing to be have a big fight with my Lou for the first time which I hope it won't happen and we just stay calm and just talk it out. I look to see Louis standing by the door but it wasn't. It was Liam. The guy I became closer to when my incident of cutting.

Flashback - Two weeks later After my cut incident. (Warning it's long)


"Hey babe I'll be right back I'm going with with Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Sierra to buy some groceries. Liam said he would keep you company while we are out." Louis said.

"OK, buy me favorite candy please?" 

"Which is?" he said confuse. I forgot that he doesn't know what I like and don't like. Maybe I'll tell him later.

"skittle!" I yell smiling. Louis laugh and walk to me and kiss me on my forehead.

"I'll keep that in mind." he said with a wink. I blush. Once he was out of the door of the room. I walk downstairs to see Liam watching TV and on his phone at the same time. I was pretty sure he is talking to fans on twitter or texting Danielle. I walk behind him to sneak up on him like I always do when I first met him in my apartment. I went slowly up to Liam and close his eyes.

"Guess who haha." I said to Liam. 

"Hey, Love. I know it's you silly." he said between slaughters. "Come and sit with me and watch TV with me."

"Watch TV or watch you text." I teased.

"Very funny Heidi." he laugh. "No wonder you and Lou made a cute couple." I blush when he said that. I try hiding my face from Liam but he quickly grabbed my wrist to look at my scars.

"I feel like that your still mad at me for cutting myself." I said to him. He shooked his head and look at me straight in the eye.

"I'm a little mad about." he admitted it. "But I couldn't do nothing about it. To be honest I always see fans with scars on their arms and it hurt me to see what they do to themselves." I felt tears in my eyes. I am one of those fans. I admit it. But it's hard to stop no lie. I feel like it help me to take the emotion away.

"I don't know what to say." I said. "I mean like it's not my first time. I always have my reason to do it." I could see that he didn't like my answer at all. I didn't like it either but that's the only reason I could come up with when ever any of my friends ask.

"Your first time was" he ask.

"My first boyfriend dumped me."

"Why would you cut yourself over a boy."

"Well I don't know Liam maybe because I'm a stupid teenager that 'believes' anything a dam boy say."

"Don't say that Heidi. What did he say that made you believe him."

"I Love You" I told him. He is shocked with my answer. But it was true. I've dated that for five days and all he wanted was to get into my pants which I never let him.

"How does that scared you."

"Well we dated for only five days and he said I Love You."

"Did you said it back."

"Of course I did. I believed him."

"But you loved him. What made him dump you." all those question made me sob even more.

"Because. I don't know. I don't want to talk about it."

"Come on Heidi."


"please, there's has to be a reason why" it's get me mad that the fact I have to tell him what happen.

"No! Liam I don't have to tell you."

"Heidi, I'm try to help here."  

I couldn't take it anymore so I took my anger on him.

"Because!! Liam! Because!" he's worry about me. All he wanted was to help. He lay his on top of my knee still looking straight at me. I took a deep breath and speack again still in tears. "Because all he wanted was to get in my pants" I said.

"What do you mean by that" he was confuse I didn't blame him. I wish I was as was to.

"All he wanted was to have sex with me" I pause a little. "He didn't love me he just wanted to do it and__" Liam cut me off.

"But you guys did do it?"

"Liam, listen! I didn't. I didn't want to. I wasn't ready and I was to young." I started to cry even more.

"Ohh Heidi I'm so sorry about that. The good thing is that you didn't." he said. I nod in agreement.

"I feel like I'm not going to ever believe a guy ever again."

"What about Louis"

"OK can I tell you something and you promise not to tell my Lou Boo.

"Of course. But nothing bad right."

"Ha No Liam it's not. I think I'm in love with Lou but I'm afraid to tell him. We only been dating for two weeks and I already feel something but I'm afraid if he said it first I would end up like my ex."

"He would never do that. maybe he would do it for love and not just go 'in your pants'." he joked. I laugh. I'm glad I have Liam. He maybe daddy direction but he was also a good friend. "OK now give me a hug and lets start watch TV or put a movie" I smile at him gave him a tight hug. I felt like I could tell him anything. If anything happens or my emotion break down comes along he would be first I want to tell me problems to. As we split up the hug we end up watching TV. I look up to him as he was watching TV but caught me looking.

"You promise when ever I have problems or some emotional breakdown you will be there for me to help." I said to Liam.

He smile at the thought of me wanting him to be there for help. "Of course. Your like a sister to me. I will always have you back."

"Thank you Liam for everything." I smile at him and gave him a kiss in the check and went back to watching TV while I lay my head on his shoulders and right away fell asleep.


End of Flashback



"So I heard what happen. Are you OK, Heidi?" Liam ask.

"Well I don't know. I'm just confuse. Is it going to end like this Liam." He knew that I love him to death I just didn't had the guts to tell him.

"No, no, no, Heidi don't think that. everything will be OK trust me." He gave me a tight hug in comfort. I feel happy.

"He's mad at me isn't he."

"No he just worry the same way your worry about him."

"Do I need to talk to him huh?"

"Is all up to you, love. If you want to talk to him I'll go get him right." he said I nod. He got up and left me alone in the room.



Liam's P.O.V



As I left Heidi in the room to get Louis so they can talk. I went down the hall to see a door open not Lou's room but the guess room that use to be my room till I move out. I see Harry unpacking which made me wonder.

"Hey Harold what you doing?"

"I'm going to live here now so I'm unpacking what you think I'm doing here."

"Does Louis know?"

"No. But Heidi knows" he said. I wonder if he talked her before me or they talked about before??

"You talked to her already??" trying to hide my shock but fail.

"Well yeah like one or two weeks ago. She is...... Nevermind."

"She what tell me." becoming more curious about it.

"If I tell you. I have to kill you."

"No you won't."

"I know........ OK fine gosh. She is planning to move with Lou to and we argued cause I told her that I was already moving in with him." he pause a little. "And I told her we could talk about with him since it is his flat."

"She Never told me that." I felt hurt that she didn't told me. She maybe was planning to tell me but I wasn't around.

"Did she say anything about telling me about this?" I said.

"Yeah, she was going to tell you tomorrow but you force me to."

"shut up"

"Sorry, now let me keep unpacking."

"OK I'll let you go. I need to get Louis so he can talk to Heidi."

"Alright bye Li"

"Bye" I said to Harry as I close the door heading downstairs to get Lou.

"What happen? Are we still together? She doesn't hate? Will she still talk to me?"

"Louis!!! Calm down. Now go up there she wants to talk to you." I demanded him to.

"Yes father." As he walk pass me. Before he did. He turn around and gave me a tight hug. "Thank you Li for everything. I know I can trust you to be someone to her most trusted friend. Your an amazing friend." Louis said to me

"No problem Lou. You know I'm always there for you two, Sierra, and the lads. When you guys need anything. I'm here for you all." I said to him and smile.

"Thanks. Well let me go and see her and talk to her." he said smile back. As he walk upstairs. I started thinking. Is she really ready to live with him? She only have like couple of weeks left before she leaves or is she planning on moving her just to be with Louis?? I'm wait on tomorrow to talk about it with her. So me, Zayn, and Sierra waited for Lou and Heidi to come down already made up.





Well hope you enjoy it. :)

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