Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


15. Back Home/New Surprise

Heidi's P.O.V.

I got out of the airplane.So dam tired of being seated the whole flight. I went to find my sister, since I already have my two bags and little purse. I waited in the front looking around. No signs of them. I sat in a bench, pull out my phone, turn it on and call my sister. I ignore the texts that I've gotten. I guess they didn't read the note or maybe they did and ignore what I said. It rang many times till someone answer.


"Hello?" a man voice answer. It must be my brother in-law.


"Hey Jose, are guys here cause-"


"Heidi!!!" I heard two little girls voice from behind me. I turn to see my nieces running to me. I hang up the phone, put it in my pocket and to hung my nieces. Ohh how much I miss them.


"Rosemary!!!! Anahi!!!! I miss you guys!!" I said very happy to see them. I hug them both very tightly but being careful because I have a baby. "How are you guys? I have two special surprise for you two."


"What is it. What is it!!" Anahi said jumping up and down wanting to know now.


"I'll will tell you them when we get to the car but..... Rosa!! Jose!! Hi." I said look at my sister and my brother in-law. "God I miss you all. What's new when I was gone?" I ask as we walk out of the airport. I sniff smelling the fresh air. Ahhh, home sweet home.


"Well, not really nothing. Andres was going to propose to Rocio but he wanted to wait for you. So why did you came early? You only had two more days." my sister said. As we were by the car waiting for Jose to unlock the doors to go in. Once we got in, I took a deep breath and told her.


"Well this was going to be a surprise for the girls." I sigh. "The first is that...... Ummm...... When I was over there I... bumped into a famous person.... that I-"


"OMG!! Heidi was it One Direction?" Rosemary ask as her eyes sparkle. "Did you meet my husband Harry."


I giggle a little at the fact that my niece love Harry so much. "Yes, it's One Direction. I met Louis at a store and long story short. I'm dating Louis and yes I met Harry and the rest of the members too." I grin really wide to see my nieces reaction. It was Sooo priceless.


"And what's the second one." Anahi ask. I roll my eyes and sigh. Here goes nothing.


"OK, and the reason why I left was because I'm pregnant and Louis' the father of my baby." I said looking at my sister. Her eyes went wide. She was shock.


"Your joking right? Heidi your just turning 17!! What are you going to do?" Rosa said. She didn't sound angry. It was more like worried and I could see it in her eyes.


"Well like I said to Sierra. I am not going given up to adoption. I'm keeping my baby. You know how much I love babies?!?"


"Yeah I do know. But your still to young." she said. She sigh grab my hand made me look at her. "I'm not saying to abandoned the baby. If really want to keep it then you have my full support on this." I smile and hug her.


"Thank you Rosa."


"Yeah!! We are going to be cousins again." both of my nieces said. We all laugh at there wiredness. This what I miss when I left to the UK. My crazy family.


"So are you telling everyone Heidi?" Rosa ask.


"Umm.... yeah text everyone to be at the house. That we will be there in an hour. Just right now... I'm hungry."


My sister chuckle. "Of course Heidi. We will buy-"


"Hamburger helper!!!" I cheer. I haven't had those in forever. The baby hormones are getting to me.


"OK lets go to the house and make you some there and I texted Andres. He said he will get everyone and in fact we all have a special surprise for you as a happy birthday gift. We were going to make it your late birthday gift but now that your here you could see it now. Your going to love it." Rosa said. Now I'm getting excited about my surprise. Can't wait to go home. We were still on the freeway so dam bored. I decided to check my text messages. I pull it out and unlock it. Wow, they really are freaken out. I have twenty seven text message. Five of each of the boys and just two from Sierra. Well her and Liam are the most clam ones out of our little group. So instead I decided to check Liam's and Sierra's texts message.



I don't blame you that you left Heidi. Hope we see you again.


Hope you don't get mad but we told Louis. He just passes out but don't worry he's fine.


He's happy that your having the baby. He said he would never leave you or the baby. He loves you both so much.


Heeeeeiiiiiiidddddiiiiii!!! Sierra is being mean to me. She's actually laughing at me for texting you this.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!! I already miss you. Hope you have an awesome birthday, Love. ^__^




Wow Liam..... Is..... Wow.... He's so wired at time. Poor Liam has to deal with Sierra for two days she's actually come tomorrow. Can't wait to see her...... again. I went to my list of messages and clicked on Sierra's and read them.




Wow, leave me. You know I have to deal with your 'best friend' dorky Liam. The horror...... the horror. You better come and get me in the airport and by the way when Liam said we he mean him. Ohh and the reason I'm being mean to him because I feel like it. Haha he's such a baby for texting you that.


I'm sorry for that long text but..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI_BEAR!!!! I!!! love you Bestie!!! See mines better that Liam's and the other lads. Miss you see you soon birthday girl. <3 :="">



Silly Sierra. Love to mess with Liam. I couldn't resist from smiling like a idiot. These two know how to cheer me up but they always argue with each other. A lot. There cray cray.


"We're home" Jose said. I look out the window to see the big tree in front of my house. Ahhh, home sweet home. I see a lot of cars on the drive way and on the grass. "Put this on for your surprise we want to give you the present now cause...... yeah" I look at him funny and them look at the bandana. Its RED!!!! I MISS BOOBEAR!!!! Dam you Jose. Haha I hope I don't get jump. Its dark no one will know or will they? No they won't.


"OK." I said grabbing the it and tie it covering my eyes.


"OK follow us"


"Yeah I could really follow you blind folded. duh." I said sarcastically. Someone grabbed me carrying me inside. "What the heck was that for!!!" I yell at who ever carry me inside.


"Shut up and take off the blind fold."someone said. Rude, but wait. I froze at the spot. "No way!!!" I took off the bandana off and look at my brother's friend that I haven't seen in ages. He was like a brother to me. He left to college three years ago and I miss him to much. I ran up to him jump and hug him. I couldn't stop crying at all. I had my legs wrap around his waist and my face on the crook of him neck.


"OMG Jonathan!!! Your really hear. I miss you s-s-so so much." I choked. I realize that I have a baby in me that I got off and wipe my tears away. I do forget OK. Its new to me.


"I miss you to Heidi." he said smiling at me. I smile back look down at my tummy and rub it.


"I guess everyone wondering why you guys are here right." I said. Everybody looked confused. They thought that there just here because I came back.


"To see you right?" my oldest brother said.


"Well yeah that too but something else." I said smile nervously. My oldest brother looked at me with concern in his eyes. Well not just him, everyone was concern. "I'm pregnant." Everyone's mouths dropped to the ground. I took a glance at my own mother. She was in tears. She let out a sigh, got up and walk towards me.


"My baby..... my beautiful baby is pregnant. I'm going to be a grandma again." my mom said grabbing my checks. I couldn't help but to let tears fall. All my brothers, my sister and my dad came and we had a family hug.


I couldn't breath cause I was surrounded by my family. "OK OK p-people have a b-baby here and I-I can't b-breath." I running out of air. They all let go and I gasp for air. "Thank....... you." I said breathing heavily.


"How long have you been pregnant." my oldest brother.


I sigh. "Well Jesse, don't be giving me all that your to young to have a baby or you put her or him in adoption. Haha, no I'm not I'm keep her with me. I love babies a lot and you all know that. I can't abandon this baby it would be cruel and... I... know..................... Louiswouldhatemeforit." I said and quickly said the ending fast. Everybody looks at me suspiciously. Jesse was more suspicion and more angry. He's a police. He knows how to find people and he will find Louis.



"Who's the father Heidi?" he ask. I shook my head. "Who's. the. farther. Heidi?" he ask again. I look down not answering him. I was grabbing Jonathan's arm tight. Tears were threatening to fall as I back up to my brother. It was really quite in the living room till my phone rang and everybody jump and so did

I. I took out my phone not bothering to look at the caller ID and answer it.


"Hello?" I said.


"Heidi!! Thank god you answer. How you feeling?" I checked the caller ID. It was Sierra. Great she better not be with the guys.


"I'm OK. Actually a lot better now that I'm with Jonathan." I said looking at him and smile.


"That's great that you are- Wait what you are with a guy?" She said sounding confuse.


"Yeah? Sierra you have met him before. My older brother's best friend?" I said. It wasn't very long when I heard laughters in the background.


"Oh him. OMG he's home? That's awesome. You must really happy." she said. I was happy. "Did you told your family that your pregnant?"


"Actually I did. There happy about it. Hows the boys? Your not bullying Liam right?"


"Oh shut it Heidi! Its not my fault that he's a big baby and there fine. There with me and Louis never shut up about wanting to see you" I froze a little when she said Louis' name. I really miss his voice.


"Ohh Ummm that's good but umm...... Well-" I walk away from everyone including Jesse and went to my room. "Did you guys.... you know did told Louis?" I ask.


"Well yeah because... Well he needs to know and he's.... not himself anymore. If we tell a joke he won't even laugh. If we talk about you he would start whining... Heidi?" she said and sigh. "Please talk to him. It would mean a lot if you do."


I went quite for a little while. I do want to talk to him. Just not right now. At least a week or two. "Ummm I will but not right now at a week or two. Just to-" I was cut off when my door open and of course its my brother. "What Andres I'm on the phone!!" I yell at him.


"Who you talking to?" He ask.


"Sierra! Now get out now!!" I said pointing at the door. He puts his hands up in surrender and walk out. I roll my eye and smile. "Sorry, it was Andres but I'll talk to him when I'm ready it won't be long I promise."


"OK you bet- Niall don't eat my chips!!!! Heidi I got to go Niall is-" she was cut off by I don't know who.


"Heidi is this really you!!!!" it was Liam. I started to laugh a little at his excitement.


"Yes LiLi its me. How are you?"


"I'm good. I'm actually in Sierra's room right now. I didn't want Louis to hear me to say your name. Its a good thing I was the only one that heard Sierra."


"You have good ears, Payne" I joke. I could hear him laugh in the line. "Liam?"


"Yeah?" he said.

I close my eyes and tears went down my cheeks. "Your not like... mad at me right???" I said.


"No, of course not but I would like you to talk to Louis. Like now or tomorrow. Not a week or two." What the hell!! That's not giving me time. I'm soooo going to hurt Liam when I see him. Well if I see him.


"Dam you Payne!!" I huff at him and I sigh. "Fine I'll talk to him tomorrow. OK."


"OK well hei-"


"Give me the phone Liam I need to talk to her." Ohhh crap it's Louis. I quickly hang up the and throw my phone on the bed. I'm so dumb at times.


"Are you OK Heidi?" I look up to see Jonathan standing by my door frame.



"Umm. Yeah, just tired that's all." I gave him a small smile and he nod.


"Well I'm leaving. Maybe we can hang out. I'll bring Carlos with." he said. I froze.


My eyes were wide open. Carlos my crush from middle school haven't seen in forever. "Ummm...... Yeah. Would like that" I said smiling at. I got up and hug him. We said our byes as I wave at him when drove off.


Everyone had left and I was really full with food. I went in my room, lied down and started listening to music. I really relax when the song 'Moments by One Direction' came on. ( song on the side. >>>>)


Shut the door
Turn the light off
I wanna be with you
I wanna feel your love
I wanna lay beside you
I cannot hide this even though I try

Heart beats harder
Time escapes me
Trembling hands touch skin
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face


I felt tears falling down my checks. How a bad girlfriend I am to leave in when I need him in my arms. I unlock my phone fast forward to Niall's part and finish the song.


Close the door
Throw the key
Don’t wanna be reminded
Don’t wanna be seen
Don’t wanna be without you
My judgment's clouded
Like tonight's sky


Hands are silent
Voice is numb
Try to scream out my lungs
It makes this harder
And the tears stream down my face


I smile when I heard his voice. I miss him maybe it is a good idea to call him. He needs to know that I'm ok and that I love him and I don't want to lose him.


If we could only have this life
For one more day
If we could only turn back time

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today

Flashing lights in my mind
Going back to the time
Playing games in the street
Kicking balls with my feet

There’s a numb in my toes
Standing close to the edge

There’s a pile of my clothes
At the end of your bed

As I feel myself fall
Make a joke of it all

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today

You know I’ll be
Your life
Your voice
Your reason to be
My love
My heart
Is breathing for this
In time
I’ll find the words to say
Before you leave me today



I sigh turning off the music. I texted saying: (A/N: Finally I get to type it!!! Hahaha in your face Sierra!! Love u (: Back to the story. )


To: Sierra_Boo :3 - Hey I'm sleeping so call when your about to go on the plane.



I locked my phone and put it on the night table. I lied down again trying to get comfortable. Once I was I sigh and went into a dreamless sleep.






Sorry for the long wait. Hope you guys like it.





--- Heidi :) Xxx <3

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