Love At For Sight!! <3

A girl name Heidi and her best friend Sierra decided to go to the UK on vocation. when they got to there apartment they were hungry so Heidi went to the store. Heidi see's a familiar person and hopeing that it is him. through out the the story they fell in love and started dating.


24. A/N - Sequel --- Not a chapter

A/N - Well like I said here's a little preview of the sequel. If you guys want a sequel.  

BTW I'm in class typing. 



~2 Years Later~
When you knew you relationship wasn't going to last because of age difference. I am nineteen years old. A mother of one year old twins. Me and my best friend Sierra are finally out of high school. After high school we gone our separate way. Sierra moved with Zayn to London as for me and Louis... I am with The Wanted. I'm not kidnap... It's kinda of like living with them. I'm now dating Nathan. A lot could happen in two years. Louis is now dating Eleanor. Zayn tells me that Louis is a wreck without me by his side. It breaks my heart that he wasn't there to see his son and daughter born, first walk. It broke me even more to know my own daughter first word is Dada. 


Just letting you know. This prologue might change. Comment what you think

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