the girl with the heart shaped tattoo.

this story was inspired by my passion to write story's.


1. The nightmare i cant escape.


Wait what. Whats going on? Wake up!! I cant wake up I'm stuck in my nightmare i cant move I'm trapped. I need out i cant stand this.    Chapter 1.    "Kelsey get in here now!" Crap i think to my self. I know why he wants me. This is a daily thing and i cant escape it. Well with my luck i wont be able to. Trust me I've tried but my attempts all fail. My mom doesn't even notice what is going on shes oblivious to all that surrounds her because well of cores shes a druggy. My family is so fucked up and i don't think i can handle it anymore. The constant taking my cloths off everyday for his pleasure and of cores i cant stop it because he will kill me if i leak one word.the night m                      
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