the girl with the heart shaped tattoo.

this story was inspired by my passion to write story's.


2. My life is valued.


"Kelsey" my dad yells. Well time to go. I think today my attempt of escaping will work. I walk into the room and climb onto the bed i started to unbutton my top and then the door bell rang. My dad went to get it and i staid on the bed until i heard the door open i ran to my room got the bag i packed just for this moment and then i ran as fast as i could to the back door. I made it I'm out omg finally.  I call my friend Alexia and tell her i got out. I told her wear i was and then she came and picked me up we went back to her house. I ended up living with her because she didn't want me to leave. She didn't have an extra bed so i had to sleep with her. I didn't mind tho because I'm bisexual and i don't think she knows that but she will soon enough. Alexia woke up and then she woke me up. As i opened my eyes i saw her lips heading for mine i went along with it. After we finished i asked her what that was for and she said "well your dad raped you so you need to taste a different kind of candy." I laughed and then leaned in again she pulled away and said wait for later. Then i heard the front door open and then a hello and a scream. Me and Alexia shared a look and then got up grabbed our bags and jumped out the window we looked at the car in the drive way. We weren't surprised to see my dads car. We ran and just didn't stop. We didn't know wear we were going we just ran. We found a hotel far from spruce grove. We checked in and fell asleep. Like 4 hours later i woke up to banging at the door. I looked through the peephole and backed away. I woke up Alexia and told her to grab her stuff we broke the window and climbed out. "Now what? Were do we go? We cant just keep running. But we need to stay alive! We need a plain! I cant lose you to him Kelsey I LOVE YOU!" As i hear these words come out of Alexia's mouth i stop and say "I love you too babe!! But we might have to surrender me so you can stay alive..." Alexia burst into tears but keep-ted running. not once did she stop not for anything she just ran like there was nothing left to her. i caught up stopped her. I told her that if she lived a year without loving me or seeing me she could do it for a life time. But she didn't like that reason so she ran faster and faster tel she got home i wasn't far behind. We got to her house and sat on her bed then...

















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