Jesse's Girl (Pitch Perfect Fan-Fic)

Jesse and Beca are no longer freshmans. With Aubrey and Chloe gone, Beca takes over the Bellas, and Donald and Bumpers departure leaves Jesse to take over the Trebles, with Benji replacing Donald. Love is budding strong for a number of members, and Bumper comes back to cause havoc for Fat Amy, and Donald comes back for Lily. With so much love in the air, will Beca change the Bellas rules, so that everyone can be together? Or will she stay with tradition?Also, Luke is falling for Beca, and their friendship is turning into a budding romance. Who will Beca choose? Jesse, or Luke?


4. To Do Or To Not

(Beca:) When I entered the room, everyone else was already there. It seemed as if they didn't want to start without me. They must think I'm the "leader" or something. I walked over to them, and they had a clipboard, with a list of people's names. Alicia and Jessie's names were on there, and they had big ticks. I smiled. But then there was Kori's  name. It had 3 ticks and 4 crosses next to it. They were waiting for my decision. Although it would then be even, 4:4, apparently all ties were settled by the person with the pitch pipe. Which at the moment was no one, but I think they were all pretty sure it was me.

"So........" I began. I took a few steps toward them. 

"What do you think Beca? Should we let her in?" Cynthia-Rose asked.

"I'm not sure, but we have no reason not to. Plus, she has a really good voice, and we could use her," I replied.

A few of the girls nodded. Others shook their heads.

"But Beca, what if it happens again? We would be under pressure to replace her," Lily exclaimed. 

"Yeah," a few girls replied.

"Maybe she has learnt a lesson?" I questioned.

There was an awkward silence.

"Well, what's it gonna be Beca?" Fat Amy asked.

I was trying to think of ways to stall, I didn't really want to answer. But there was no way I couldn't answer. I would have to sooner or later. I stared at my feet, shuffling about. Light shone through the high windows, and showed up the dust I was kicking up. I sighed.

"I think............." I stalled a little.

"Come on Beca," Cynthia-Rose pleaded.

I looked up.

"I think yes," I replied.

That is all that we needed.

Kori was now a Bella.





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