Jesse's Girl (Pitch Perfect Fan-Fic)

Jesse and Beca are no longer freshmans. With Aubrey and Chloe gone, Beca takes over the Bellas, and Donald and Bumpers departure leaves Jesse to take over the Trebles, with Benji replacing Donald. Love is budding strong for a number of members, and Bumper comes back to cause havoc for Fat Amy, and Donald comes back for Lily. With so much love in the air, will Beca change the Bellas rules, so that everyone can be together? Or will she stay with tradition?Also, Luke is falling for Beca, and their friendship is turning into a budding romance. Who will Beca choose? Jesse, or Luke?


1. New Year, New Beginnings

(Beca:) I awoke to my alarm clock beeping endlessly. I sighed as I rolled over, and put my headphones back on my desk, the music blaring loudly. I was doing a remix of Titanium, and I had been working on it all night. I looked over at the picture of Jesse and me from the ICCA's last year, and convinced myself that I should get up. After managing to get myself up,I decided to search my wardrobe for something to wear to the first Bella's auditions of the year. As I opened the wardrobe door, it creaked loudly, waking Kimmy Jin. She frowned and rolled over, her hands covering her ears. I winced, and continued to skim through the racks of clothes. I finally found a nice black singlet, and blue flannel shirt, and my black skinny jeans. I checked the time on my watch, and gasped. It was already 8:00! I had overslept. I grabbed my black hooded jacket, and ran out the door, closing it quietly for Kimmy Jin's sake.

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