Jesse's Girl (Pitch Perfect Fan-Fic)

Jesse and Beca are no longer freshmans. With Aubrey and Chloe gone, Beca takes over the Bellas, and Donald and Bumpers departure leaves Jesse to take over the Trebles, with Benji replacing Donald. Love is budding strong for a number of members, and Bumper comes back to cause havoc for Fat Amy, and Donald comes back for Lily. With so much love in the air, will Beca change the Bellas rules, so that everyone can be together? Or will she stay with tradition?Also, Luke is falling for Beca, and their friendship is turning into a budding romance. Who will Beca choose? Jesse, or Luke?


3. Choices

(Beca:) "I am titanium!" Kori smiled as she walked off the stage. Fat Amy leaned over to whisper in my ear.

"I think we should let her back in, don't you?"  Fat Amy asked. I shrugged because although I didn't agree with the No-Treble policy in the Bella's, Aubrey and Chloe trusted me when they left, to take care of the Bella's. This was a descision I needed to make with the Bellas. 

Justin and Tommy came out into the stage. Tommy was sighing as Justin mumbled something about how bad this years auditions were. For me, there were three girls that really stood out. Kori, an obvious first. There was a small, blonde haired, freckled,pale,thin girl named Jessie, and she could really hit the high notes. And lastly, Alicia. Blue-eyed, dark haired, tall and olive skinned, she was a bit of an all-rounder. She could sing the high, medium and low notes really well. In some ways, her personality reminded me of Chloe. She was very friendly.


After we walked out of the auditorium, Fat Amy, Cynthia-Rose, Stacie, Denise, Ashley and Lily circled around me.
"We need to have an urgent Bellas meeting in 10 minutes!" Fat Amy exclaimed. I was confused. Had something happened already? We all went our seperate ways. I was going to the radio station to check with Luke if I could have a night off. 
I opened up the creaky door to the station. Dust floated up off the dusty floorboards, and the room was still dim, although there were lights everywhere. I smiled, as I recognized one of my songs came on. Luke had his eyes closed, playing air guitar and singing in his chair. I laughed. His eyes flickered open, and when he saw me, he smiled and got up out of his chair. He opened up the door of the booth. 
"Hey Becky," he said with a huge smile.
"Uh hey Luke. Nice singing by the way," I said. He laughed.
"Listen, I was wondering if I could have a night off, it's the Bellas, we have to finalize groups, and with Fat Amy there, it may take a while," I said.
He snickered.
"Yeah sure, I have nothing to do anyway so i'll just take over your shift," he replied, his British accent sending shivers down my
"Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow," I said

"Thats ok, bye," He replied.

I checked my watch as I walked out the door. I had five minutes to get to the Bellas. It was show time.

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