Live To The Moment

Jessica is the new student teacher at Wheaton North High School. She's a teacher by day...And stripper by night. So what happens when 5 boys from her English class see her performing at her strip club? Will some boys fall for her? Will she fall for some? Will anyone find out? And the most important question...Will her heart be broken again?


1. Student Teacher



Jessica P.O.V.


*Ding Ding*

I sat at my teachers desk, the bell ringing for 1st period to start. I was so nervous having it be my first day. I've always wanted to be a teacher, so I'm making progress by being a helper teacher.

"Good morning class." Mrs. Quinn, the English teacher, said, walking into the classroom. "Morning." Everyone groaned. "Ok class. So today, we ha-" But she got cut off by the door swinging open.

We all looked to the door to see 5 boys walking in. The first one to walk in had brown, curly hair, and green emerald eyes. The second one to walk in had a shaved head and hazel eyes. The third one to walk in had blonde hair with brown sneaking through it, and beautiful ocean blue eyes. The fourth one had black, jet hair in a quiff with a blonde streak. He also had dark, brown eyes. And the last boy was stunning. Yes, I know it's bad to be thinking about a student in that way, but it was hard not to. He had brown hair up into a quiff, and greyish-blue eyes.

"That's Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. They are always late." Mrs. Quinn said, pointing to each of them.

I believe Harry, stared at me up and down, then smirked. I was wearing a rather short pencil skirt, and a white button up top with black high heals.

"As I was saying, we have a helper teacher who will be with us for the rest of the year. Her name is Jessica, but you will call her Miss. Jessica or Miss. Jess."

I stood up from my seat and waved to everyone. "Hi." I said. "Hello!" All the boys yelled. Mrs. Quinn rolled her eyes, then gestured me to sit back down.

"Ok, today Miss. Jess will be teaching class, as I will be watching and grading your tests from yesterday." Mrs. Quinn then sat down and went straight to her computer.

I slowly stood up, looking around the room. "Ok class, we will be working in partners. This partner will be your partner for the rest of the year. And don't start looking around because I already picked out your partners." Everyone groaned, showing off they were up set.

"Ok, so first we have Lauren and Danny." A girl with long blonde shiny hair winked to a guy wearing a football jacket. They looked like they were the type of people everyone loved.

"Next we have Niall and Liam." The two boys looked at each other and high fived. "Louis and Eleanor." I looked up to see Eleanor blow a kiss to Louis and Louis caught it. I put my head down and rolled my eyes, so no one could see it. I wasn't jealous, I mean, I didn't even know this kid.

"Zayn and Perrie." The two looked at each other, both of them blushing, then back up front.

I called out more pairs, and when I was done, I looked up from my sheet. "Did I miss anyone?" I asked. Only one person raised there hand. Harry.

"Ummm, lets see who you could work with." "You." He said, with a wink. "Stop flirting Mr. Styles." Mrs. Quinn said, her eyes still on the computer.

"I'm not flirting. I'm suggesting." He high fived Louis, then looked back at me, eyeing me up and down again. "How about during partner time, Miss. Jess can tutor you because your failing this class Harry." Mrs. Quinn said, looking away from her computer screen and at Harry.

"Fine with me." He said, starring me down. Just as I was about to answer, the bell rang. "We will continue tomorrow." I yelled.


When I got home, I threw my purse and keys on the table. I then ran up stairs and into my room. I looked into my closet and grabbed out my stage outfit.

It was a lace bra and underwear with a black, see threw, cover up that was connected to the bra. I then had fish net tights and 6 inch black high heals.

I put all my stuff in my bag, ran downstairs, grabbed my keys and phone, and headed out the door.


I walked into my dressing room and put my things down. I then got undressed and put on my stage outfit. I then sat down at my mirror and did my hair. I decided to curl my brown long hair, and put some sparkles in it. I then put on cats eye make up and dark red lip stick.

"Your on in five minutes." The owner of the club, Justin, said walking in. "Ok." I said, smiling to myself in the mirror. I got up from my seat and headed backstage.

I was watching my friend, Cat, on stage, as her song was just ending. She strutted off the stage, then coming towards me.

"A lot of your fans are here tonight." She said, winking. All my fans were usually young, so I liked my fans. "There's also some newbies." She added, before going to her dressing room.

As the stage turned black, I walked on stage, only the crowd hearing my heals. "Go Scampi!" I heard someone yell. My stage name was Scampi because I was probably the sluttiest, but best stripper out there.

Has my music, "Blackout," started, I had my hands on the pole and on leg around it. One light flashed on me, everyone seeing me.

I swung around the pole on my one foot, throwing my head back. I then turned my back on the pole and had my hands over my head on the pole. I squatted down, then back up, sticking out my bum. I let go of the pole and walked more up the stage. I un hooked my bra and saw a young man in front of me. I got to the end of the stage and bent down and rubbed my bra on his crouch. He let out a moan, high fiving his four friends with him. They all had hoods on. Has I starred at the boy, still rubbing his crouch, all the boys took off their hoods, and it was Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn.

And I was rubbing Harry. I slowly got up, his smirking at me. I then threw my bra to him and walked back to my pole. I grinded it, the song coming to an end. When the lights went black, I heard the five boys in the front the most. I strutted of stage and into my dressing room.

As I was taking off my make up, I thought about what just happened. I remembered Harry's evil smirk as I did that to him. Just as I was thinking, I got a text.

I looked at my phone and saw it was from an unknown number. It read:

Thanks for letting me keep the bra;) Nice body xxx



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