Live To The Moment

Jessica is the new student teacher at Wheaton North High School. She's a teacher by day...And stripper by night. So what happens when 5 boys from her English class see her performing at her strip club? Will some boys fall for her? Will she fall for some? Will anyone find out? And the most important question...Will her heart be broken again?


5. Awkward...



Jessica P.O.V.


I walked into the classroom, straightening out my dress. Everyone's eyes turned to me. "Sorry Mrs. Quinn, I had a meeting." I said sitting down at my desk.

I looked over at Harry and saw him kissing that Katie girl. He turned around and looked at me, but quickly looked away.

"That's alright Miss. Jess. Now class, today we will be taking a fieldtrip to the Shakespeare play. Miss Jess. will be staying here with the kids who lost their privilege to come or their parents wont allow them too come. Those kids will be Louis, Zayn, Perrie, and Harry."

The four students nodded their heads.

As everyone left the classroom, the four students stared at me waiting for instructions. I stood up from my desk and walked in front of it, my bum leaning on the front.

"Ok class, today you guys will be able to do whatever you guys will like. That means homework, or just talk and hang out. I will be at my desk grading quizzes."

Everyone then got up, and walked over to each other, talking. I walked back to my desk and sat down, pulling out the quizzes from my folder.

When I reached Harry's quiz. I looked over it and of course, he got an F.

"Harry, please come here." I said, looking up from the quiz. He laughed with Louis, then walked over to me, his hands in his pockets.

"Yes?" He asked, smirking to me and looking in my eyes. "You failed your last quiz Styles." I said sternly. He threw his head back, groaning. "Really Jess? Yesterday we were kissing, now your playing hard to get." "Harry, I'm your teacher. Not your toy. Besides, your dating Katie." I said, not making eye contact with him while I said the last part. "You think I'm dating Katie?" He said, chuckling. "You were kissing her when I walked in." "A little kiss. Ok? Look, I like you. A lot. Why cant you just give me a chance?!"

I looked back into his eyes, slowly shaking my head. "Harry, I am your teacher. If I were to go on one date with you and we get caught, I get fired." "So, you have another job. A better job too." He said, winking.

I rolled my eyes. "Your house tonight Styles." "As a date?" He said hopefully. "No, I'm tutoring you." "Fine with me, last time you tutored me you were on my lap."

He winked, then walked back over to Louis. I groaned. I looked back down at my quizzes and continued to grade them.

When I got to Louis's, it turned out he got a D.

"Mr. Tomlinson? Please come here." As Louis walked over to my desk, our eyes stayed locked on each others.

"Yes Miss. Jessica?" He asked, his hands leaning on my desk. "You got a low D on your last quiz Louis." He groaned.

"Your kidding right? Shit." He mumbled under his breath. I raised my eyebrows at him. "My mum told me I had to get at least a B on my next quiz or I'm dead." I nodded, understanding. "Well, I can tutor you?"

"You sure?" He asked nervously. "Yeah, its fine." "Ok, can you do it tonight?" I looked down into my lap, not wanting to tell him what I'm doing.

"I-I cant." "Why not?" I looked up to him. "I have to go to my other job." He nodded. "Your strippers job?" He asked chuckling. I blushed. "Yes."

He laughed. "Alright."


When I got to the strippers club, I went straight to my dressing room. I sat down at my mirror and started to apply make up. I put on foundation, cats eye makeup, blush, and dark red lipstick. I then curled my hair and pinned it to one side. I got up from my chair and went to my walk in wardrobe to get my outfit for tonight. I had more than one performance, so I grabbed out all the outfits I needed to wear tonight. My first performance I had to wear a ripped wedding dress and white fish net tights. The dress was right under my private, covering up only the parts that needed to be covered. I then had white 6 inch high heals to wear, and a wedding vale.

As I was putting on my shoes, there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" Cat then walked in panting.

"I was just out there. A lot of your fans tonight. There was also those five boys that were there last time."

I sighed. I hated how they would come to see me. "Alright." I said, nodding. She then nodded, walking to the door.

She opened the door and just as she was about to leave, she turned around, still holding there door.

"You look hot." She said, winking, then walking out. I chuckled.

I finished up my costume, then walked out of my dressing room and back stage. I watched this girl Jasmine dance on stage. She had long black curly hair and deep blue eyes. She was really good, and attracted the older men since she was 28.

"Your next." The stage manager, Kevin whispered to me. He wasn't one of those perves. He was really nice and motivating.

Just as Jasmine strutted off stage, I took and deep breath in. As it was pitch black on stage, I walked on, only the sound of my shoes being heard.

The song, "Hot n' Cold" started playing as a spot light landed on me. Both of my hands were on the pole, one leg on the ground and one leg around the pole. I turned on my one leg, flying my head back. I heard wolf whistles and hollers from the audience. I then put both legs on the ground, my hands still firmly on the pole. My front pressed against the pole, grinding it slightly. I then let go of the pole and strutted to the front of the stage. I spotted the five boys from my English in the front, hollering and whistling. I looked into Harry's eyes, turning him on. I crouched down in front of him, resting my hand on his chest. I slowly rubbed it, my other hand wondering around over his crouch. He let out a throaty moan. I then slowly got up, my bum sticking out. I then walked a little to the right, standing right in front of Louis. I stepped down off the stage and put both legs on both sides of him, straddling him. I sat down on his lap, moving my hips slowly. Louis then moved his hips with mine, making both of us moan. I felt his hard against my leg, making me moan more. I then got off of him and jumped back on the stage, flashing off my bum to thee audience. I ended the song with my bum against the pole and leaning forward. The crowd went wild when the lights turned pitch black.

I strutted off the stage, breathing heavily.

"Good job!" Cat hollered, patting my shoulder. "Thanks babe." I said smiling. I then walked over to my dressing room.

When I got in there, I started to get undressed, when there was a knock at the door. I turned around to see Louis standing against the door frame, his arms folded, smirking at my bare chest.

"What?" I asked, grabbing my robe from my chair and putting it on quickly. He stepped forward, closing the door behind him.

"Thank you for the lap dance." He said, smiling. "I had to do that." "Not to me though." I didn't know what to say. He caught me.

"Admit it Jess. You like me. A lot."  I looked around the room, then back at him. I nodded. He grinned. "Well I don't like you...I'm in love with you Miss. Jess."

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