Close Your Eyes, Love

His eyes pierced hers and transfixed, she could read his lips in the shadows. "You'll be mine whether you want to be or not. You're the most precious thing in the world and I would KILL to have you all to myself." Warning: Profanities, violence, and a dark, twisted romance that doesn't guarantee survivors..


1. Stop And Stare *Seraphina's POV*

Close Your Eyes, Love... Though the account is Hannah-chan's, this story is entirely Veronica's AKA mine... Enjoy, dears!



Everything in this world is delicate. From the grass to the trees to the prey and predators, everything is fragile and is always close to breaking.

Humans always seemed closest out of them all and maybe that's why I'm watching over my shoulder. Unfortunately, just that little precaution isn't enough to stop the Big Bad Wolf from destroying the fairy tale that I had carefully constructed from glass.

.... And maybe that's why I felt stupid when Mayl finally snapped on me. Snapped like a twig.. Like a rose of glass shattered against the floor.. I should have known better..

But of course, I'm just the Red Riding Hood who strayed off the path and into the dark, dark woods where the Wolf lurked..

The Wolf who was just in disguise while Red picked flowers from the forest floor and smiled coldly with his eyes secretly blazing..

"You belong to me."

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