We Are Broken

Seven broken kids decide to join a group chat. Nothing is the same after that. They start helping each other with their problems. They become close and next thing they know they're even more than best friends. They're a family. But sometimes families fall to pieces. And sometimes no one is left to put the pieces back together.

*This may be a trigger warning, and does have some explicit language.*


1. Zero

There was seven of us once. One, two, three, four, five , six , seven. Then there was five. Four. Three. Two. One. I am one. They had promised they wouldn't leave me. They had promised they would stay. They lied. Everyone lied. I am alone now. Soon there will be zero. I won't be here any more. 

They lied. Now I will too. They made me promise that I would stay even if they left. No. I won't do that. I won't. I'm following them. They are my family. We were the broken.

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