Bianca is finally moving to New York. Let alone did she know tht she was was going to meet the biggest popster in the world. When she finds out about a secret that she wasn't supposed to know about will they still fall for each other?


6. Is He Okay?

Bianca's P.O.V.

I was sitting in the lobby of the emergency room waiting to hear if Justin was okay. After I called 911, I took Justin's phone and called everyone I thought was important.  I guess they called people also there was way more than eight people. A nurse came to us and told  us that we had to in one at a time because he was still sleeping. Pattie told me that I should go in first, so I did. I followed the nurse to the room and walked up to his bed. I sat next to him until I heard him mumble something.

Justin: You didn't have to cry back there.

Me: What?

Justin: I wasn't gonna die.

Me: You didn't pass out?!

Justin: I did for like 10 seconds but, then I saw you crying and I wanted to take in the moment when you weren't totally pissed at me.

Me: You made me believe-

Justin: Hey, I have a song and album named 'Believe'.


And with that I stormed out of the hospital with Justin out of my life... Forever! At least I hope so.

Justin's P.O.V.

I started laughing. I just got Bianca super pissed off but, I knew she was gonna cool down in like ten minutes. My mom slowly walked in.

Me: Hey, mom.

Mom: Hey. How are you doing?

Me: I'm fine.

Mom: Okay, I called Selena. She should be here soon.

Me: Kay. Umm. Mom, what time is it?

Mom: Almost twelve. Why?

Me: I. Um. Have a meeting later.

Mom: Well I guess you're not going.

Me: But i have to.

Mom: Just wait till later. If they say that you're doing well then you can go.

Me: Whatever, bye.

Mom: Goodbye, son.

I shook my head. Sarcasm. I laid back down and grabbed the remote when my dad came in.

Dad: Hey bud, how's it going?

Me: Fine.

Dad: So, I've been meaning to ask you a question.

Me: Hit me.

Dad: How did you end up here?

Me: Where?

Dad: How did you end up in a hospital?

Me: Actually, I don't know. All I remember was seeing Bianca and than nothing.

Dad: Were you drunk?

Me: I think so.

Dad: That's probably why.

Me: No, I don't that's it.

Dad: What do you mean?

Me: I don't think I had any strong drinks and if I did, I wouldn't not be able to feel my legs. I mean it felt like I was having a siezure. 

Dad: Well, beats me. Anyways, I gotta go.

Me: Hey dad! How many people are out there?

Dad: About 50.

I sighed this was going to be a long day.

Bianca's P.O.V.

I left the hospital and bumped into someone.

Girl: Watch it.

Me: Why don't you?

Girl: What's your problem?

I looked up at her.

Me: It's that motherfucker, Justin.

Girl: Wait, do you mean Justin Bieber?

Me: Yeah.

Girl: You know him?

Me: Yeah and I wish I didn't. Stupid celebrities.

I walked away. I didn't know where to go. I mean all I have is Chaz and I'm not in the mood to talk to a guy. So I went to Starbucks. While I was ordering the girl started looking at me weirdly. 

Me: What?

Cashier: Do I know you?\

Me: No.

Cashier: Bianca?

Me: Yeess??

Cashier: How do you not remember your bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Me: Hannah?!?!

Hannah: Of course!!!!!

Me: I missed you so much, how long has it been?

Hannah: Like four years.

Me: Wow.

Hannah: We should catch up.

Me: Definitely. How 'bout tonight?

Hannah: Yeah. There's a party tonight and like all the famous people will be there. We can sneak in.

Me: Sneaking in? You know me so well.

Hannah: I also remember that you carry a can of mase everywhere you go. You should bring it... Just in case.

Me: Kay. Do you still have my number?

Hannah: Kay. I'll text you. We should meet up here and then we could walk over there together.

Me: Okay. See you later.

I grabbed my drink and went to the hotel. I had to pick out an outfit to wear.

Selena's P.O.V.

I wonder how that girl knew Justin. I've never seen her at his parties or concerts. And if I have, I probably don't remember her. I walked in and looked for Pattie. She walked over to me and gave me a hug.

Pattie: I'm so glad that you could come.

Me: Yeah. Anything for Justin. Umm... Was there a girl just here to see Justin?

Pattie: Yeah, Bianca. Why?

Me: I bumped into her outside.

Pattie: Oh. How did you know it was her.

Me: Um... She was mumbling something about her wanting Justin to be okay.

Pattie: Aww. Isn't that sweet? She was the one that called the paramedics.

Me: She was? Anyways, can I go see Justin.

Pattie: Yeah. Room 1-140.

Me: Kay, bye.

Pattie: Bye.

I walked down the hall and all I was thinking about was how this girl, Bianca, knew Justin. I stood at the door took, a deep breath and knocked.

Me: Hey.

Justin: Hey, baby.

Me: How are you doing?

Justin: Good.

Me: So how did this happen?

Justin: Actually... I don't know.

Me: Oh. Ok. Well... Umm... Who is Bianca?

His eyes got bigger and started darting all around the room.

Me: Do you?

Justin: Yeah.

Me: How?

I hope he didn't say that he dated her. I mean I don't really think I'm the jealous type but, I don't want any of his exes handing around.

Justin: She's an old friend.

Me: How old?

Justin: Since we were like babies.

Me: Wow... How come I haven't see her around?

Justin: She lives here.

Good. When we go back to L.A. she won't be there.

Justin: Why are you asking so many questions?

Me: Just curious... So do you think you're going to be able to go to that party later?

Justin: Yeah, I think so.

Me: Then we could go together.

Justin: Of course.

Me: Well I gotta go get a dress. See you later.

I gave him a kiss, grabbed my bag and walked out to talk to Pattie.

Me: Do you think he'll get out today?

Pattie: Yeah, I just talked to the nurse. She said he is in perfect condition. But they don't know what happened and neither does Justin. I think he went out and drank way to much.

Me: I don't think so. I know Justin and even if he does drink a lot he would remember everything. He'll get crazy but he wouldn't pass out.

Pattie: Well whatever happened to him, he was still drinking and he knows he shouldn't be.

Me: Well I should go. I didn't come here to not shop.

Pattie: *laughing* Okay, bye.

Me: Bye.

Time to shop. I was gonna go to this party sexy with my sexy boyfriend. 






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