Bianca is finally moving to New York. Let alone did she know tht she was was going to meet the biggest popster in the world. When she finds out about a secret that she wasn't supposed to know about will they still fall for each other?


7. And Hey… It's Fun

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!! I raided my closet for something to wear. I never thought that I would go to a party with a bunch of famous people. I have some dresses but they don't look expensive enough. I called Hannah.

Me: Hey I know you're busy but can you PLEASE come over. I don't know what to wear. I need another girl's perspective.

Hannah: Yeah I'll come over. I'll bring over all my stuff just text me your address and I'll be over in 5.

Me:Kay bye.


I hung up and texted Hannah the address. I looked at the pile of clothes on the floor. I sat down an picked all the decent dresses and put them on my bed. I took a deep breath. Man I need to go shopping. It's my second day in New York and all I've done was look at Central Park, run into an alley because some guy stole my food and have a movie night with a guy who… I don't even know what's wrong with Chaz he didn't do anything wrong. All because of a guy that fell asleep on my couch. I finally heard a knock on my door.

Hannah: hey.

Me: hi we need to hurry.

I grabbed her by her arm and ran to the room.

Hannah: why?

Me: what if we need to buy something.

Hannah: I doubt that we will.

Me: that's what you think.

Hannah: what colors do you want so we can find some accessories

Me: black, white or black and white.

Hannah: okay, so I know that you wanna wear the fingerless gloves.

Me: how did you know?

Hannah: best friends for like 10 years.

Me: oh yeah. So which dress.

Hannah: this one for sure.

She held up a dress. I put a "really?" look on my face.

Me: that is not what I asked for.

Hannah: you called me over didn't you.

Justin's P.O.V.

Nurse: okay Justin according to this chart you are ready to go.

Me: I can leave today?

Nurse: yes just be careful.

Me: okay fine.

Nurse: I'll be right back with your clothes.

Right when the nurse left my mom walked in. She had a look on her face.

Me: what's wrong mom?

Mom: I know where you're going tonight.

Me: what's wrong with going to a party.

Mom: I don't want all of this to happen again.

Me: it's not mom. I'll even tell Selena to watch me and make sure I don't have a drink.

Mom: Justin.

Me: mom

The nurse walked back in the room with my clothes. She handed them to me and walked out of the room.

Me: I have to change.

Mom: Justi-

Me: bye mom.

Bianca's P.O.V.

Hannah: now time for your hair.

She unzipped her bag and got out a pair of scissors.

Me: umm… no thank you. I called you cause I wanted your help.

Hannah: and you're gonna get it. And don't worry I'm going to beauty school so I'll do your hair and makeup perfectly.

Me: okay but if you mess up my hair I WILL sue you.

Hannah: whatever. Sit.

I sat down in front of the desk and Hannah turned me around so I wasn't facing the mirror. I hoped my hair looked good.


Hannah turned me around.

Me: OMG!!

Hannah: you like?

Me: No.

Hannah: what?

Me: I LOVE!!!!

My black wavy hair that was almost up to my butt wasn't there anymore. It now was bob with blonde highlights and bangs. My lips were red and my eyes looked dark and I looked AMAZING!!!

Me: I love you so much.

Hannah: I know.

Me: what about you.

Hannah: I have everything ready. All I have to do is fix my hair and put on my clothes. But we have to be there really early when no one is there.

Me: what time?

Hannah: 9 and it's 7:30. We have to be out of here by 8.

Me: Kay.

We hurried it up and finished everything we had to do. Then we looked at ourselves in the full-length mirror and took selfies. By 8 exactly we were out the door. A party. This was gonna be so much fun.

Justin's P.O.V.

I was in the hotel getting ready for the part with Fredo and Ryan. Chaz wasn't going cause he got the flu but none of us really cared. I mean you know how many girls will be there. I mean what guy wouldn't want to go.

Bianca's P.O.V.

Girl: nice dress.

Me: thanks.

Everywhere I went people were complimenting me on my outfit.

Hannah: I thought you didn't like what I picked out?

Me: I never said that.

Hannah: whatever.

I was wearing a short strapless dress. The top was black and had sequins and the bottom was hot pink. It had a black belt with diamonds(fake of course). I also had silver hoops and a clutch with black heels. And to top it off my famous fingerless studded leather gloves.

I have never dressed like this for a party. I usually just wear jeans. I never knew you got so many compliments when you actually took your time to get ready.

Hannah: if girls keep on complimenting you like this imagine how many guys will look at you. In the back and in the front.

Me: whatever.

Hannah: what if one of them asks you out?

Me: I doubt it?

Hannah: and I foe does?

Me: I wouldn't go out with him. He would probably be famous unlike us. How are we even supposed to get in?

Hannah: I know about 10 people working this party and like half of them were security.

Me: so the security guards that are supposed to keep us out are smuggling us in?

Hannah: do you wanna have fun or not?

Me: Yes!! What I this party for anyways?

Hannah: umm. It's for a song. I think it's by that girl... Dating Justin Bieber.

Me: Selena Gomez?

Hannah: yeah. They made this party on short notice cause she just came today. They were gonna have it in LA but they shut down the club for this party.

Me: wow. Celebrities are getting there way... Again. It's a Saturday night who wouldn't want to go to a club?

Hannah: at least we're going.

Me: unless they kick us out because you're to drunk.

Hannah: or you. Remember…

Both: Eleventh grade!!!

Me: we both got so drunk and threw up on the hottest guys in school.

Hannah: the girls who got dumped by them loved us so much.

Me: you wanna do it again?

Hannah: it would be my pleasure.

Me: let's go.

Wow underage drinking... Again. It's not like I'm the only one who does it. And hey... It's fun.

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