1000 Years

13 year old Lizzy Hampton has been locked away her entire life. Locked away in her house that is. She has been forbidden to leave her house past the huge wrought iron gate that keeps her trapped. When she tries to save a kitten, she finds herself past the gate into the mysterious woods face to face with a beautiful teenage boy that changes her life forever.


4. True Love...


"Liz, it's time to get up" I heard, as Blake shook me out of my sleep. "Why? This bed is so comfortable!" I whined, I really hated mornings. "Because, you're 15 today!" Blake yelled, picking me up over his shoulder. "It's my birthday?" I was really confused, it couldn't have already been a year and 3 months staying with Blake. "Yup, September 4!" 

After spending the morning hanging out and opening presents, Blake told me he wanted to talk about something serious. I was a bit confused, and kind of nervous, but I went along with it. We went into my bedroom, him sitting on the couch, with me next to him. "Liz..." He started slowly. "Yes, Blake?" I looked up to him, looking at him straight into his beautiful eyes. "Well, you're getting older, so I figured  I would introduce my ideas to you." I was getting a little confused, "What do you mean?" He laughed,"You're so innocent." I hated being called innocent, I mean, I'm now 15 for Heaven's sakes! "I am not!" He smiled, but soon became serious again,"You don't understand, ever since I first met you I've been in love with you. You don't know how many times I have wanted to kiss your beautiful lips, or touch your precious body. But, it sickens me, wanting to do such things to a mere 13 or 14 year old girl." I was shocked, finding out this information. "B-but I'm 15 now, that's only two years younger than you were when you drank the water." He sighed,"I know. That's why I am telling you this, I want you to know the way I feel." You smiled,"I feel the exact same though." He looked relieved," I want you to drink the water, Liz. We can be together forever that way." "I've always wanted that, but I would rather wait until my 17th birthday, in two years." Blake smiled," I think that's a great idea, but I have one question." I looked up,"What's that?" He glanced down to my lips,"May I kiss you?" You laughed,"You don't have to ask." And with that, his lips came crashing down on mine.

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