1000 Years

13 year old Lizzy Hampton has been locked away her entire life. Locked away in her house that is. She has been forbidden to leave her house past the huge wrought iron gate that keeps her trapped. When she tries to save a kitten, she finds herself past the gate into the mysterious woods face to face with a beautiful teenage boy that changes her life forever.


3. They must be mad...

       The next thing I knew, I was thrown over Blakes shoulder. "Please child, don't be scared! We wont hurt you!" The woman kept telling me. It seemed like she was trying to calm me down, when it seemed more like she was the one who needed calming. I was pretty shocked though, don't get me wrong; I mean this is kidnapping. I think. Well, if it was, why would my kidnappers be freaking out? This is completely strange. But, then again, it might just be me who's the strange one; worrying about how my captors were acting instead of trying to get out of this whole situation. So far, I've just been hanging lifelessly from Blakes shoulder while everyone is trying to calm me down. Eventually, I guess they realized that I was perfectly okay being kidnapped and gave up. I mean I wasn't really okay with the whole concept, but there really wasn't much I could do at this point, So yes, CI did absolutely nothing to prevent myself from being kidnapped. Oh well... 

       Eventually though, we came to a stop. We were in some sort of a clearing again. Why would they just bring me to some other part of the woods? Now, I'm getting nervous. Blake pulled over his shoulder and set me back down on the ground. "I'm really sorry, Lizzy. We won't hurt you! I promise! Please just don't be mad at me." Blake stooped down to my level, staring into my eyes. I was getting lost in them when the woman I'm assuming is Blake's mom started speaking," Darling we can explain!" I cut her off," First, I want you to tell me who you are, then why you took me." She started to look devastated, and it made me feel guilty. I wasn't rude was I? "Well, I'm April Evergreen, Blake's mamma, and this is Jack, Blake's big brother." I looked to Jack to see he really did look like an older version of Blake. "Why did you take me? And why did Blake freak out about that water back there?" I asked April. "Well, those two things come into the same story. Now, what we are about to tell you, you can not tell anyone. Can you  promise us that?" April asked. "Um, sure I guess." I answered hesitantly. "Well, you see," Blake interrupted April,"We're immortal!" That's where I started laughing," You're kidding right?"  Then I realized all of their faced were serious. "Oh god. I've been kidnapped by mad people." I muttered to myself.  "What? We aren't crazy! We're telling the truth." Jack stated. "Prove it then!" I said. " I can't unless I try killing myself!" He yelled. "You'll live if you actually 'immortal'!" I sassed. He's getting really, really upset now. "Would you want to commit suicide to prove a point?" He questioned. I sighed, playing along,"No you're right. So, how'd you become immortal or whatever?" Blake answered my question,"That water. Once you drink it, you kind of freeze in time; you don't grow, you don't die, and your body never changes. If you get injured, you really don't, because your body heals instantly." I was curious, so I asked," Wait, can I try something?" Blake looked confused but answered,"Sure." So, I looked around, until I found a sharp enough rock. I slipped it into my pocket before they saw it. "Blake, can I see your hand?" I asked. With another confused look, he stretched out his hand towards me. I walked close to him, so we were standing no more than 7 inches apart. "Blake, close you eyes." He obeyed, so I took his hand in mine and took out the rock. I made sure I had the sharpest edge ready, then swiftly brought it down upon his skin, creating a deep cut. "Lizzy! What are you doing?" Blake screamed scaring me away from him. He held up his bloody hand, and I saw the cut slowly closing up. I was shocked. "Lizzy..." He trailed off. I really don't know why, but I just slid down to the ground and started crying. Blake slowly came up to me, sitting down in front of me pulling me into a big hug. "Hey Lizzy, it's okay. Everything will be fine. Do you want to go home?" He asked. "No. I hate that place, I never want to see it again." I told his shoulder. "Then do you want to live with me?" 

"Forever?" I asked. "Forever and always." He answered.

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