1000 Years

13 year old Lizzy Hampton has been locked away her entire life. Locked away in her house that is. She has been forbidden to leave her house past the huge wrought iron gate that keeps her trapped. When she tries to save a kitten, she finds herself past the gate into the mysterious woods face to face with a beautiful teenage boy that changes her life forever.


2. The Mysterious Green-Eyed Boy

       "Ow!" I yelled falling backwards. I looked up to find sea green eyes staring down at me. "Oh, um sorry..." I awkwardly mumbled. They boy was utterly beautiful. He had gorgeous sea green eyes with dark brown hair. I really couldn't describe him with any word but beautiful. He was staring at me and immediately I started to think there was something wrong with the way I looked. I knew I had brushed my hair and washed my face this morning, so what could be wrong? He seemed to recover quickly and straightened himself out saying," No, no. It was my fault. I am terribly sorry. Let me help you up." He reached his hand down to me, and as I stood up I realized I had landed in a spring of water. "Oh gosh! Don't drink that water! Oh, please do not drink that water! Don;t even let it get into your mouth!" The mysterious boy quickly rushed out. "Why not? I am pretty thirsty," I really wasn't; I just wanted to know why he freaked out. He started turning pale and rushed out," Ma and Jack will be here soon! They'll help me explain! Just wait, and please do not let the water get into your mouth at all!" "Okay, I won't, but you have to tell me who you are." I answered. "Me? Well, I'm Blake Evergreen. Who are you? He asked. "Elizabeth Hampton, but call me Lizzy." "How old are you, Lizzy?"

"I'm 13, but I'm going to turn 14 in a few months!" I answered his question. "What about you?"

"Well, I'm 201 years old!" "Haha, very funny. Seriously, how old are you?" I asked again. He sighed," Okay, I'm 17." 'Why does he have to be so old? Now I will never have a chance with him!' I glumly thought. Just then, a woman who looked in her 40's and a man who looked about 20 hiked into the small field."Ma! Jack! Thank heavens you're here!" Blake called to them. "It seems like we have a problem..." He trailed off. The woman who had walked into the valley immediately froze when she saw me standing next to Blake. "Boys, I'm afraid we won't be eating here, and we might be having a new guest join us in our travels..."   

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