1000 Years

13 year old Lizzy Hampton has been locked away her entire life. Locked away in her house that is. She has been forbidden to leave her house past the huge wrought iron gate that keeps her trapped. When she tries to save a kitten, she finds herself past the gate into the mysterious woods face to face with a beautiful teenage boy that changes her life forever.


1. 1000 Years

  (A/N) This is a story based off of the book Tuck Everlasting. Most of it is different but there are some very similar parts. Don't think I'm stealing this story from @anniee593 from wattpad, because I own that account, so either way it is my story.


        Hi, I'm Lizzy. I'm 13 and my life is completely utterly dull. I'm never allowed to leave my house or go past the huge metal fence that separates me from the rest of the world. My parents think I should live a "nice and safe" life when all I want to do is leave and travel the world! I have a tutor that comes to our house and teaches me what normal kids learn at regular schools and I do sports on the tennis court, basketball court, and the swimming pool we own. I live in a huge mansion by the way. Most kids would die to live where I live, and well I am not most kids. I hate it here! What makes it so much worse is that my parents own a huge area of woods right outside the gate that I'm not allowed to visit! I hate everything about my life right now! All I want is change!

       "What is that cat doing here?" I asked my maid. "Maybe it wants a new home." She suggested. "Well, I'm going to go get it!" I yelled as I started down the stairs.

       Out of breath, I ran up to the huge gate where the kitten was sitting. "What're you doing here little Kitty?" I quietly asked it. She (I'm guessing) simply meowed and started strutting back to the gate. "No, wait! Come back girl!"I called following her.She ran through the gate and near the woods. She was so tiny I knew she wouldn't be able to survive on her own out there, so I had to do something! Quickly, I unbolted the gate and ran to the the other side, locking the gate once more. I turned around to see the kitten waiting for me, but when I walked toward her, she bolted into the woods! I had to do something, so I ran after her. I followed her for what seemed like half an hour until I crashed straight into something that felt strangely human....

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