Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


12. Update!

So guys I know I promised to start working on this in December and now that it is January and this has still yet to be updated I want to apologize. 

I know what is going to happen in the story but for some reason I cannot put it into words. I'm a rather weird writer. I do this thing where I visual everything happening in my heads. Like the scenes from a movie then I write it but for some reason I am having a hard time writing the next few scenes. 

I have a whole journal full of what I want to write but it's not happening. 

I will finish this story guys. As of right now the story is still on hold but hopefully I can get exactly what I need out of my mind soon. 


Thanks everyone :)


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