Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


10. Chapter 9

MiKayla blinked her eyes a few times trying to see what was happening around her. Everything was still trying to come into focus when she heard a voice. 

"MiKayla," it was a soft, gently voice she recognized. "Darling are you okay?" it was her mother, well her vamp mother. 

The lighting in the room was dim but she could still make out many of the faces. There was her vamp mother and father standing close to her. Behind the two of them was a dear family friend, Gray. Gray was the only vamp over her father in protection. Gray was like an uncle to MiKayla even though there was no real relation. Beside Gray was his son, Kamil. 

Kamil was the bad boy of the society. He was your typical guy in the society who wanted to become a part of protection. You really weren't considered a man in the society if you weren't apart of protection or medical. Kamil wasn't the smart guy so his only hope for being respected in the society was to become a part of protection, just like his father. 

Gray and Kamil were whispering but MiKayla couldn't make it out as she was still coming through. Their eyes practically were glowing and their dark skin made them very close to invisible. 

"MiKayla?" she heard her father's voice as her came closer. "Can you hear me?"

Everything was still extremely foggy and she didn't want to respond. Her breathe was shallow and she felt different than what she expected. Nothing like this had ever happened to her. 

"Do you hear that?" another male voice said. 

MiKayla turned her head slightly to try and make out the face.

"Hear what?" the four other vamps said in unison. 

The man MiKayla didn't recognize came up placing his hand on her forehead. He proceeded by placing his hand over her chest. 

"Neva? Rico? Tell me again what society you were in when MiKayla was born?" this response made MiKayla fear for her parents. She knew he was a medical vamp. 

Once again she tried to see his face but he kept turning away. There were two main medical vamps here. And because the voice was clearly a male MiKayla knew who it was, Mateo. 

"Mateo, it's not what you think!" she heard her father plead while her mother got defensive. 

Gray and his son Kamil were here to make sure her parents did not get out of hand. Mateo must have known the truth. 

"Mateo! We had to lie! You would never have let us move to the society with a human turned vamp child!" her mother yelled as Gray took her arms. 

"Silence!" Mateo's voice rumbled the walls. "Listen you fools," he said bringing the whole room to a complete silence. After a moment of full silence Kamil was the first to speak.

"It's a heart beat," he said raising an eyebrow.

"It's impossible," Gray announced releasing Neva.

"Nothing seems impossible now. Two of our most trusted vamps have been lying to us for thirteen years!" Mateo turned to face the rest of the room. "I want to know who her human parents are immediately!"

Neva and Rico swallowed hard. 

"Mateo listen to me," Rico started taking a step toward her.

Mateo let out a growl that made Rico and Neva jump back. 

"I trusted you," Mateo snarled. "Both of you. You lied. We have to kill her," his voice was deeper now. 

"Mateo no!" the parents yelled in hopes of changing his mind. 

"Silence!" he threw up his hands causing them to both jump again. Mateo was feared by many simply because he was the most powerful, that they knew of, vamp in the society. "We can't have a broken soul in this society. You know that! That's all she is! The humans should have killed her! We have rules!"

"Rules have been broken! Rules must be respected!" Mateo voice shook the walls. Gray and Kamil were scared even though they had down nothing wrong. "Not only is she a broken soul but she left the society! Do you two realize I can have your whole family sentenced to death!"

The couple nodded and looked down. Rules in the society were simple. Break one and become inferior or die. Many vamps would rather be dead than an inferior. 

"I'm offering you a solution. We'll cover up your horrid mistake by only killing her! She left the society so it won't be hard to explain."

Neva and Rico were left feeling shallow. The young, girl was their daughter no matter what anyone thought. They had been raising her for so long they were closing to forgetting the truth. 

"Mateo please. We will leave the society," Neva pleaded through her tears. "I don't want to lose my daughter."

Mateo's face now was stressed with shock. His brows furrowed and his lips were snarling up. 

"You don't deserve life! You are ungrateful to the choice I gave you!" Mateo had all the power in the situation and the whole room knew it. "I should kill you now without a proper trial for the two of you!"

"Wait!" Gray interjected causing Mateo to shoot him all of his anger. 

"She's waking up," Kamil announced.

Mateo slowly turned around to the table where the young vamp was now sitting up. 

"Stop," she whimpered. "I'll leave. Make a story up. The humans caught me and killed me once they found me outside of the society's walls."

"What makes you think you have any power in this situation?" Mateo growled. 

"I have all the power and you know it," MiKayla tried to match his growl. 

"Ha," Mateo's laugh shook the walls more than his growl did. "How do I know that?"

"A broken soul still doesn't have a heart beat," MiKayla announced causing Mateo to stop laughing. 

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