Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


9. Chapter 8

"MiKayla are you okay? MiKayla? Please say something," Louis cried as he tried shaking her to wake her up.

MiKayla slowly opened her eyes and sat up. "What happened?" she asked even though she had a pretty good idea.

"You just fainted. I don't know," Louis responded sitting down with relief.

MiKayla sat there running through the memory that just came back to her. Louis hadn't been lying this entire time. She was the other Garcia daughter. Her twin was Ariana.

"Look, I know what happened. I need some answers on the vampire end of this. I have an ability," Louis looked at MiKayla like she was insane. "I can remember everything in full detail. I can tell you how many times a person blinked if I wanted to. But for some reason I can't remember a single thing of my human life."

"So you're admitting you were turned now?"

"Yes. That's why I've been having the nightmare."

Louis sat there and listened to MiKayla. She was surprised he wasn't afraid of her like she knew the humans were in the memory.

"I fainted and a memory came back to me. A memory of my human life. Louis," MiKayla paused to take a few deep breathes. She still wasn't use to the strong smell of his blood. "I need you to stay here for the night. I'll return in the morning."

"Okay?" he was confused.

"Then we're going to the human society. I'll say I'm Ariana. Then we're going to talk to my parents. I need all the answers I can get."

Louis nodded understanding her burning desire to know the truth about everything. MiKayla got up and dusted off her clothes.

"Here, sunrise."

The last two words she said to Louis before running back to the society. A million thoughts were running through her mind faster than she was running home. The sun was falling from the sky and it would be dark soon. MiKayla didn't know how her eyes would react to the darkness outside of the society so she wanted to hurry up.

Fully aware of all the potential punishments that were awaiting her once she returned to the society she had to think fast of a plan to escape them. Could she use the new found information to her advantage? Or would it only get her killed faster?

She had to believe it would only help her. It was kept a secret for a reason. Someone didn't want to take responsibility for it. The only thing she wanted was the answers.

MiKayla knew she was getting closer to the society because she heard a newborn vampire screaming. At second listen though she thought different. That wasn't a newborn vampire that was a human turning scream.

She began picking up the pace because she was uncertain of what was in the woods with her now.

More humans?

Other vampires?

Either way it was a recipe for disaster for her seeing as either way she wasn't suppose to be out here. But with these screams she had no idea how far away she was from the society. It could be minutes or another hour before she reached the society.

The sky was a burnt orange as the sun faded behind the mountains. MiKayla estimated another fifteen minutes of sunlight and determination took over her being. She would make it back to the society in time.

The screams were getting louder and her ears rang. The wall surrounding the society was coming into view now but her ears felt dead. She could hardly hear the screams anymore due to the high pitch.

"Just a few more steps MiKayla!" she reminded herself as the wall got closer. "You can do this!"

Then out of nowhere she was blindsided and taken to the ground. Choking on her own breathe and feeling as if her whole being had been shattered she looked up at the dark figure standing over her now.

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