Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


8. Chapter 7

"MiKayla! Stop that!" her mother's voice filled the entire house.

"Yes mother," she replied feeling guilty for messing with the china cabinet. "Mother?"

"Yes MiKayla?" MiKayla sensed the annoyance in her voice.

"Can Ariana and I please go outside to play?"

"I don't want to go though!" Ariana screamed from the kitchen.

"There's your answer," her mother shot down MiKayla every time she asked.

Ariana and her may have been twins but they were polar opposites. MiKayla knew she wasn't like all the other kids around the society. She was different.

Ariana and many of the other children throughout their society were trained to fear anything and everything including their own shadows. It wasn't unusual to see people jumping for no reason because all the humans lived in fear that something would happen.

Even though MiKayla was young she would often leave her room and listen to her parents' conversations late at night. She over heard things that she knew she shouldn't.

That night she decided to overstep the boundaries again. She left her room close to midnight to see if her parents were still up talking. Their conversations late at night kept MiKayla up to date on all that was going on in the society.

"Daniel we should leave the society. Soon," her mother spoke in her soft tone. Even when she was mad it seemed to be soft and gentle, like a mother's tone should be.

"Christina, we can't. It may be dangerous to be here but it's more dangerous not to be here."

Christina and Daniel were talking about the vampires who were leaving the vampire society heading in the direction of the human society. In the last week there were twenty vampires killed for attempting to sneak into the human society.

"Daniel, please. The girls! Think of the girls!"

"Christina quiet, do you want to wake them?"

Christina took the tone down a little, "I don't want my daughters to live here. We can make it to the New York Society in a day if we just go."

"They'll never let us take a car out of the society and you know that. We'd be fools to think that."

"We can walk. It'll take two or three days. I don't want my girls up for sacrifice! Look what happened to Tran's son! He was killed and everyone is acting like nothing happened!"

"Christina! Please! Your voice," Daniel got up to check on the girls. He walked out of his room only to stumble upon a young MiKayla smiling.

"Hello father," she was trying to act innocent. "I had a terrible nightmare. I wanted to see you."

Daniel turned back to look at the her mother and picked her up.

"Well let's go put you back to bed my dear," he shot her mother a look that would kill if looks could.

He walked MiKayla back to her room where Ariana was still sound asleep. Daniel laid the young girl down and pulled up a chair beside her bed for him to sit.

"MiKayla you need to stop sneaking out of your bedroom at night. Promise me this will stop?"

MiKayla nodded knowing that her father only wanted what was best for her. The girls room had a door that was nearly invisible and after all that MiKayla just overheard she knew why.

"Father? May I ask a question?"

"How are you so smart and so young?" Daniel laughed.

"I have a smart father," MiKayla said reaching for his hand. "What happened to Mr. Tran Thompson son?"

Daniel released his daughter's small hand and covered his face.

"So you heard all of that?"

MiKayla nodded and sat up in her bed. She checked over her shoulder to make sure that her sister was still asleep.

"It's okay father," MiKayla grabbed his hand again. "I won't tell anything to Ariana, her young mind doesn't need to know."

Her father let out a little chuckle and shook his head.

"MiKayla, you are only older by four minutes. You still are the same age no matter what you want to believe."

"Father, tell me what happened? Was it the vampires? Why are they trying to attack the society?" MiKayla was eager to know the truth.

Daniel inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled.

"My young daughter," he began. "One day, possibly sooner than I want, you will be a great leader. I see it happening. Your young mind is already allowing you to venture from more than just fun and youth."

"My sweet daughter, I love you. One day we will have this discussion and I will explain everything to you that you want to know. But, for tonight you need to rest."

Daniel laid her back down and pulled her quilt over her body kissing her forehead.

"Father, I love you. I understand you are just trying to protect me but trust me I can handle it. I'm not afraid. One day, one day father I will protect this society just like you."

Daniel nodded and smiled knowing that MiKayla was different from most of the children. He slowly shut the door and let the tears that filled his eyes spill. Quickly he gathered himself so neither his wife or daughter would hear him and went back to bed.

"Is she okay Daniel?" Christina greeted him as he entered the room.

"She knows Christina," he laid himself under the blankets and turned his back to his wife.

"She knows what?"

"Everything. MiKayla isn't like the rest of the children Christina. She's special. She knows everything that is going on."

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