Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


7. Chapter 6

MiKayla didn't believe anything that Louis said. For all she knew he could just be keeping her here until more humans came, then they would execute her.

"I have to go," MiKayla said not wanting to be a part of this anymore.

"Wait," Louis said grabbing her wrist.

MiKayla stopped and took a deep breathe. He really needed to stop touching her before things got out of hand. It was hard enough trying not to kill him with him at a distance, but with him touching her all her emotions ran wild. She didn't have much sympathy for him when he touched her.

When Louis placed his hands on her bare skin she began wanting to drink from his veins. All she wanted was to know how it would feel to drink straight from the vein.

The idea of fresh blood made MiKayla lick her lips. The semi-fresh blood her parents drank set her into a frenzy a few times so she only imagined what blood straight from a vein would do to her.

MiKayla pondered the thought of one little sip from his veins. She turned around to face him and eyed him up and down.

Was it worth it?

Would she be able to control herself?

What if she killed him?

She was bound to become an inferior anyway so why in the world shouldn't she get one taste?

MiKayla put less distance between her and Louis. A smile crossed his face and a memory flashed through her mind.

The twins were in her mind again. MiKayla knew it was her and Ariana now. What else could she believe?

"MiKayla I love you!" Ariana sang from the swing.

"Ariana, I love you too!"

The memory left her mind and MiKayla fell over. Her body crashed into the ground and it felt as if everything in the world was closing in.

"MiKayla are you okay?" Louis yelled while trying to figure out what was going on.

MiKayla felt her breathe get shallow. Everything was going black. This had never happened to her before and she didn't know what to do.

"MiKayla? MiKayla!" Louis was still yelling.

She could tell he was still yelling but now she couldn't hear him. Everything had gone black and silent.

What was happening?

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