Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


6. Chapter 5

MiKayla watched as the man stepped back from her. She was trying so hard to control herself and felt that he needed to leave immediately before she killed him.

"Just leave, okay?" she said in an angry tone.

His face showed worry and confusion but he said nothing. After a moment he started laughing and bent over from laughing.

"Ariana, ha," he was trying to get the words out, "let's just get you home."

He grabbed her arm and tried to pull her up. MiKayla dug her hands into the ground as he pulled. He grunted trying to get her and after a few more tugs gave up.

"When did you get so strong Ariana?"

MiKayla couldn't take it anymore, she shot up and pushed him down. Her hands were around his throat within seconds.

"For the last time," she said through her teeth, "I'm not Ariana."

The man's face was getting bright red and MiKayla realized that she was blocking his air ways. She dropped her grip and walked backwards. He sat up slowly choking a little and fear spread across his face like he knew he was about to die.

"I-if y-ou aren't Ar-Ariana then who are y-ou?" he asked choking out the words slowly.

"MiKayla," she said calming herself. "Who are you?"

"Louis," he said with a little confidence.

MiKayla looked at him and wondered what he was thinking. She could guess what he was thinking but there really would be no way to be sure. Assuming he was as afraid as his facial expressions and his heightened heart rate were showing he was thinking she was going to kill him.

The odd thing now was that MiKayla had calmed herself and didn't feel the sudden urge to feed off of him. She assumed his fear made her sick feeling and she didn't want his blood anymore. Maybe her subconsciousness didn't want her to feed from someone who wasn't willing.

"MiKayla, when did you turn into a vampire?" he asked standing up.

Now MiKayla was the one who was confused. She had never been turned. Her parents received fertility with her from the Goddess. She was born not turned.

"I was born a vampire," she said in a matter of fact tone. "I don't know who Ariana is but maybe she just looks like me a little. It's hot out, you are probably just confused. Exhaustion and all can do that to a human."

Louis went back to a feared expression. She wasn't trying to scare him or anything. The only thing she really wanted was for him to get his facts straight. He was obviously confused for whatever reason and MiKayla had to help him.

"No. You are the other Garcia daughter!" he was shouting and it hurt MiKayla's ears slightly. "They said you died! But you didn't! You just turned!"

Louis found his bag and started rummaging. "You turned! That's insane!"

MiKayla wondered if all humans rambled when they found out something. But, Louis was mistaken about her being turned. Everyone had always told her they remember her being the best vampire baby in the society.

Most vampire babies tend to crave blood for the first few years and scream uncontrollably but all her parents friends said she stopped the screams early. She was a different type of vampire but she was born, not turned.

"I can't believe this!" he shouted bringing MiKayla back to his rambling. "You have to come back to the society with me!"

MiKayla was shocked at this outburst of his. A vampire in the human society? This man was obviously a little crazy if he thinks that would be a good idea.

Everyone, in their right mind, knew a vampire wouldn't get within fifteen miles of a human society. And if they managed to get that close there would be absolutely no way they would get inside.

"STOP!" she screamed at him, her voice shaking. "Just stop, I can't go anywhere with you. President Learon outlawed human-vamp contact. Or do you not take history in human society?"

"Well," he looked down. "I stopped going to school earlier than I should have. My father died, I had to take over for him."

The sudden awkwardness that was placed in the air filled both their lungs. MiKayla knew she hit a nerve and there would be no going back from that.

"How old are you?" MiKayla asked not thinking about his feelings anymore.

"Eighteen," he murmured.

"And what is your relationship to Ariana?"

Louis smiled looking up at MiKayla, "We're engaged to be married."

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