Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


5. Chapter 4

MiKayla turned to the right to see a tall man standing close to her. She didn't recognize his face that was perfectly defined. MiKayla immediately fell in love with his jaw line and blue eyes. His brown hair fell over into his eyes just a little bit. He was holding a bow and arrow and also had a backpack on his arm. From here MiKayla could tell he was strong for she could see his muscles flexing through his shirt.

"Ariana?" she questioned him taking a breath. Her mouth felt like it was on fire.

"Ariana your father is going to kill me! Dammit, why are you out here?" he sat down near her on a stump. "How did you even get out here?"

MiKayla continued to study his face and she leaned in closer to him. She quickly shot herself back realizing that this was not a vampire she was talking to. He was human and that is why it burned to breathe. MiKayla had to admit that her father was right, she was barely able to control herself. She dug her hands into the ground afraid that if she made the slightest movement she would attack and kill him.

"Ariana!" he kept calling her the wrong name and she wanted to correct him. "The society is a hundred miles east. How did you get here? Did you follow me?"

MiKayla didn't know how much longer she could fight the urge. The ground was too soft underneath of her hands to hold her.

"Ariana! Say something! Are you crazy? Blood demons are less than twenty miles that way!" he screamed and stood up. He was getting closer.

"No!" she finally screamed and he stepped back. "Get away from me!"

The man continued to step back until he realized the water was behind him.

"Ariana, come on. Stop this. Let me take you back to the society," he was talking to her like you would talk to a child.

A wave of rage rushed through MiKayla's being because she hated being treated like this. She couldn't remember a time when she wasn't treated like a child.

"Ah," MiKayla threw her head back screaming.
The man covered his ears from the high pitched scream coming from her lungs. MiKayla just wanted him to leave her alone.

The man dropped his bow and arrow finally and tackled MiKayla down to the ground covering her mouth.

"Shh," he whispered to her. "It's okay, it's just me."

The man's hand was covering her mouth and it took every bit of strength she had to not to bite his hand. The pain in her throat was brutal but she continued to fight it off. There was something unknown controlling MiKayla's urge to feed off this human and even she didn't know what was going on.

MiKayla laid limp underneath his broad body and he leaned off of her.

"I'm sorry but if the demons hear us they'll kill us without a doubt," he sighed and removed his hand from her mouth.

"They don't leave the society," she caught herself saying. "Plus they wouldn't risk death to kill the likes of you."

MiKayla got up and began walking west. She had not realized how far she had gone from the society but according to this human it was pretty far.

"Ariana what in the world are you doing?" he said grabbing her arm.

MiKayla's eyes grew dark, nearly black and she lost control. She grabbed his hand and twisted it around bringing him slowly down to the ground.

"Leave me alone!" she growled in a deep voice.

The man's blue eyes showed nothing but fear mixed with a kindness that MiKayla had never seen before. She snapped back to reality and walked away from him.

"I'm sorry," she mumbled.

"Ariana what is wrong with you?" he asked stepping toward her again.

"Too much. But to start with, I'm not Ariana."

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