Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


4. Chapter 3

MiKayla was on her way to school when she noticed something near the wall of the society. Her curiosity got the best of her and she began walking toward the wall not even caring that she would be late for school.

As she checked over her shoulder to make sure that no one was watching her, but most vamps were inside by now either for work or school. She ducked closer to the wall noticing the slight break. Why was there a break out here?

The break was not that noticeable as a bush covered most of it and it was barely big enough for a vamp to squeeze through. The only thought running through MiKayla's mind right now was could she fit through the break. Half of her mind was yelling at her to go now before someone came and the other half was screaming telling her to turn around and get to school. If she missed school then her chances of working in the laboratory depleted.

Only the highest achieving students were put up for a chance to work there. There was never an excuse for missing school though and a single absence could cast you as an inferior. An inferior would never work a day in the society and sometimes were even banished. The inferior would die off because of no blood or would attack a human society only to be killed there.

MiKayla had never met an inferior but was taught about them in school. The most famous inferior was Kamil Krucs and only because he survived ten years after being labeled as an inferior. Kamil Krucs even went after Lord Ace in hopes of becoming the new Lord of Vamps. Lord Ace might not have survived if Hadrian had not been there protecting him.

The story says Lord Ace and Hadrian defeated Kamil but many believe they just scared him off. So many vamps believed that Kamil would be returning to cause havoc on the world once again. Only time could truly tell.

MiKayla knew this was a bad idea; every part of her being was now telling her to turn back. A tardy to school would not be as damaging as an absence. She couldn't stop herself though as she slipped through the break. MiKayla took one last glance at the society and began running.

Never in her life had she felt so free and alive. The humans claimed the vamps were dead but MiKayla always believed she was alive. But, now she knew she was alive. Outside the barriers that had held her captive for so seventeen years were now no longer there.

She ran into the wooded area and fell to the ground.

"Beautiful," she heard herself say.

There was something about not being in the society that made everything feel real. MiKayla knew the consequences for leaving the society was worse than having an absence from school.

Becoming an inferior was the minimum punishment for leaving the society. The maximum penalty would be death and that made her sit up.

Would they really kill a seventeen year old? Would her father allow it?

Her father did have a lot of power in the head of the society including knowing the leader of the society personally. The leader of the society, Tran Thompson, worked in the laboratory with her father for years. Only recently had he been appointed to the leadership position.

MiKayla pushed all the thoughts from her mind and laid back down on the ground. She relaxed and remembered the first time the society had snow.

MiKayla started the memory of when she was ten years old. The ground was covered with snow; looking incredibly delicate all MiKayla wanted to do was play. Her two little sisters seemed disgusted by the snow as did all the other vamps in the society. While the snow was on the ground MiKayla did not see a single vampire leave their homes.

"Father, can I please go out and play?" she asked a smile.

Her parents exchanged a glance and then her mother answered her question.

"MiKayla, we don't go play in the snow."

That was the entire answer along with reasoning.

MiKayla always knew better than to question her parents but lately all she could think of why their answers were always so short. Her sisters could ask a question and they would receive a lecture but not MiKayla. Not once in her life had she been given the entire truth about a question.

Immediately MiKayla's mind played the memory of the first night she had the nightmare. All the pain came back with it too.

MiKayla woke up screaming making her head feel as if it was about to explode right there. Her wrist burned around the proclaimed birth mark.

MiKayla's mother and father entered the room and MiKayla explained the dream while she buried her head in her father's chest. She felt protected near her father and this night was no different. The pain slowly subsided after a few seconds of being close to her father.

Her parents assured her that it was only a dream and that she should get some sleep. The day would be long if she was not well rested.

After they left her room MiKayla tried to sleep but she couldn't. Tossing and turning for an hour before getting up and walking down to her parents' room. She stopped outside of the door because heard them whispering.

MiKayla couldn't make out the whispers but decided now was not a good time to act like a baby. She set off back to her room and continued to think about the dream.

Laying on the ground outside of the society only made MiKayla think about that night even more. Hours passed and MiKayla continued to lay there. She didn't want to move at all.

MiKayla felt like this was her new safe spot, a spot she could be herself and nothing bad would ever happen right here. More hours were passing and she felt a ping in her soul because she knew her parents were probably worried. Were they worried? Had they noticed?

Of course they did because it was probably thirty seconds after they realized MiKayla wasn't in class that her father was notified. And of course if they realized MiKayla wasn't in the society anymore then her parents would be in major trouble.

She sat up and wondered if she could go back, explain everything, and make sure her parents were punished for her mistake. Or should she just run now?

MiKayla knew that once she went back she would be made an inferior.

All those thoughts were pushed aside when she heard footsteps. They came after her and would probably kill her right here.

"Ariana what are you doing out here?"

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