Broken Souls *ON HOLD*

Set in 2577 follow MiKayla, a seventeen year old vampire, as she finds out the truth about her past as a whole new war breaks out.
*First Draft* Copyright © 2013


2. Chapter 1

In 2064, two little girls, age four to be exact, danced around outside as their mother and father argued inside. They were so young and carefree, also their mother wanted to shelter them.

MiKayla and Ariana were twins in the human world and completely oblivious to the vampires that lived in the next society over. They stopped dancing to listen to the argument going on between their parents.

"We cannot tell them yet! They are too young!" their mother was yelling at their father.

"They need to know! We can't protect them forever!" their father shouted in his deep voice.

The twins looked at each other with curiosity about what mother and father were yelling about. MiKayla saw the dark creature lurking his way around the house.

"No!" she screamed and the creature began to stare at them. The creature looked human but seemed to have a darker presence about him.

MiKayla pushed Ariana toward the house trying to protect her. Ariana was screaming as the creature grabbed MiKayla and lifted her up to his level. Their parents rushed out the house.

"Let her go!" they screamed in unison.

MiKayla woke up screaming, and the screams soon faded out because she felt like she couldn't breathe. This was an every night dream that started the night after she turned sixteen. Now she was seventeen, over a year of constant torment of a simple nightmare.

She didn't understand the dream though. The little girl in the dream was her, but she didn't have a twin and those people weren't her parents. The twins were human and the creature was a vampire, just like she was.

MiKayla's mother came running in right on cue.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?" she asked wrapping her arms around her daughter.

"No mom. I'm not. I want to know why I am a human child in my dreams!" MiKayla shouted at her mother pushing her off of her. "I'm sorry mom."

MiKayla walked over to the window staring out at the dark sky and few stars that were present. Something always told MiKayla that she wasn't a normal vampire. She knew she was different and the other young vampires told her. She began to look at the scar on her wrist that her mother proclaimed to be a birth mark. Never had she met another vampire who had one but it was so faint that now she was the only one who could see it.

"Mom, really. I'll be okay. I'm just going to write a little bit then I'll be off to bed."

Her mother nodded then exited the room swiftly, probably to go call her father to tell him she had another dream. MiKayla's father worked during the night in the laboratory as security. He claimed not to be as sharp anymore so he didn't actually work with the other vamps who you would call a doctor. 

MiKayla climbed into her window seat and stared outside. She had never been past the wall that surrounding their society. All she ever dreamed of before the nightmare began was seeing something other than this world. MiKayla hoped to meet a human one day. Yeah, their blood was vital to her existence but she never met one.

Blood was delivered once a month to the society. No one outside of the laboratory had ever met a human, not to mention the President of the East had outlawed human-vamp contact other than deliveries and trust in the fact he enforced it. Many vampires from the society had broken this law. MiKayla's uncle was one of them and she was eleven when President of the East had sentenced him to death. MiKayla knew better than to break the rules.

All she dreamed was to one day escape and see the world. A world that was completely unknown to her.

MiKayla o told her father on her fifteenth birthday that she wanted to go to the lab with him on delivery day so she could meet a human. Who would know aside from him?

"You're too young!" her father shouted at her.

"But father! I just want to meet one! That's all!"

"You won't be able to control the thirst! You'll want to kill the first human in sight!"
"I won't! I swear!" she remember how she pouted to her father. MiKayla was gifted with the ability to replay all of her memories fully. Sometimes people change the memory or forget how it really happened but not MiKayla. Any moment in her life could be replayed. Well, from the time she was five and beyond.

Whenever MiKayla would ask her parents about this her mother would respond, "Be thankful you can remember." So she never questioned why until lately. The dream always seemed so real.

The little girl was her, and she had a twin sister. Impossible, MiKayla had two sisters that were both younger by three and five years.

But, whenever she woke up from the dream the faint scar burned. Like she was being bitten all over again. MiKayla didn't understand why this was happening to her.

As she sat there staring outside at the sky she decided she would go talk to the society's gossip, Carly. If anyone would know anything about what happened to her before she was five, it would be Carly.

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