Rain in the Willow


1. one


           Rays of light in poured through my open window. My curtians swayed in the light breeze and a chill ran down my spine. The t.v. was still on, muted so only the flashing lights could be seen, and my alarm clock was bouncing around on my night table. I got out of my bed, sheets and pillows all messed up, and stumbled down the steps to get breakfast. The morning light hurt my eyes, and I had to adgust to the blinding sun. No one else was up out of bed yet while I was pouring my cereal. It sloshed all over the place, spilling onto the newly polished floor. After breakfast,  I made my way upstaires and threw on a pair of jean shorts, an baggy top, and my Toms. I threw my dark, choclate brown hair up into a messy bun, and grabbed a jacket. My swim bag was packed as well as my school bag, I was all dressed and my stomach was full, and it was only 6:03. The bus wouldn't be here until 6:15, so I had a few minutes to myself.  The house was silent and still. I knew from the start this was going to be a long day.

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