The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


14. Zayns P.O.V

​Zayn was shaken awake by Liam. It was his turn to take watch duty. Zayn nodded as he yawned, exhausted. Liam collapsed into his sleeping bag and started up snoring almost the second that his head hit the pillow. He chuckled lightly to himself as he took the first lap around the perimeter of the camp. The good part of having second watch, was that you got to sleep for the first half of the night after a long day. The bad part was that you had to stay up until sunrise and then have to start walking and only stopping and getting some rest when night came again. He lifted the battery-operated lantern high above his head and squinted into the darkness beyond the half sphere of light. They were just outside of the city that they had encountered a few days ago. The air stank of zombies and he could hear them making their grunting noises and slouching around out there. They were watching, waiting for something. It was incredibly unnerving. Zayn gripped his gun tighter. He yelled in surprise as the first zombie came at him out of the darkness. It was bloated and rotting with the gases of decomposition. It was absolutely repulsive. Zayn shot it down with ease, waking the others. Kevin and Don were alert immediately and they shot to their feet, gripping the guns that they slept with and picking off the mob that emerged after the first one. One by one they fell, but the swarm was so large that Liam was able to get up, grab his gun, and actually fire a shot before they were all dead. Kevin nodded at Zayn approvingly, panting. Zayn nodded back as he unclenched his fingers slowly from his gun. Don glared at Liam. Zayn shot a defensive glare right back for his friend. This was how they communicated most of the time. Few words were ever shared between the two separate teams within the group. Zayn swallowed as the others sat back down on their sleeping bags. He was tense and alert, adrenaline rushing through his veins, but not necessarily ready for the next wave that was sure to come.

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