The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


6. Nialls P.O.V.

​Niall was slapped awake. He groaned and rubbed his head. He looked around himself in a moment of disorientation. It was Walter. The older man pulled him to his feet roughly. “W-What happened? Is everyone okay?” he asked, his head throbbing where he’d been hit.
Walter’s face took on a sad look and he shook his head. “I’m afraid not, boy… Our friend, Paul has been murdered by those thieving rats… And the other boy, Josh… He was taken by them. I suppose they’ll use his skill and trade him out like a slave to suckers stupid enough to pay the price for protection…”
The realization of what he was saying hit like a brick, right in the heart. Paul… Paul couldn’t be… He couldn’t be *dead*! It was impossible! He’d been with him since he was in the X-factor! He was so strong and tough, he was the backbone of the group for goodness sake! It was… *Impossible*! It couldn’t be true! And Josh… Why’d they take him? How could someone be so heartless? Murder their leader and take one of his best friends, leaving him alive just so that he’d be tantalized by the fact. “No…” was all that he said.
“I’m sorry, Niall. I took down their leader and some of their cronies, but some escaped. They took Josh with them and left Paul dead with a slit throat…”
Niall shook his head in disbelief, he was starting to hyperventilate a bit and his eyes were growing moist. He wiped a hand across them with a stubborn sniff. “We have to find Josh.”
“What about finding civilization?”
“That’ll have to wait. No man is left behind, and I plan to avenge Paul. He didn’t deserve to die, especially not like that. Josh is the only friend that I have left and I’m sure as hell not going to leave him in *their* clutches. Did you see which way they went?”
Walter smiled wryly. “Well, it looks like you’re our new leader, now. They went east. We’ll have to go back the way we came. They made a run for it.”
“Everybody! We’re going east and we’re going to find those murderous thieves and we’re going to rescue Josh. We’re going to avenge Paul’s death. I’m the new leader here. We leave, *now*!”
The others looked around, confused and in a disarray. Slowly, they nodded. “Listen, kid. They took Paul’s bag which held the majority of our food. We need to find somewhere with resources.”
“Okay… That can be your job if you want it.”
“I’d be honored.”
“Good, now let’s move!” The thieves hadn’t taken all of their things as they had planned to, but they had taken some of it, and probably what was worth the most now… Food and water. They had to find somewhere with water, they had to find something to eat. Granola bars and couple water bottles that were in Walter’s pack weren’t going to last them very long at all. Nevertheless, they started walking.

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