The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


5. Nialls P.O.V.

​Niall walked beside Josh, close behind Paul. He glanced over his shoulder at the others who walked swiftly after them, not daring to stray too far behind. Lisa, a young woman with a two-year-old daughter, walked hand-in-hand with the little Sophie. Randy, a lonely young man who had joined their group a little while back and stayed to himself, walked at the back of the group. He hadn’t been with anybody when he joined and he didn’t talk much, but he never left. Martha and her twin sister Mary walked close-by, neither of them were cut out for these kinds of conditions. Walter was the oldest in the group. He was sixty-two, but was very capable of carrying his own weight. He was the next best shooter, behind Paul; he was very fit and athletic for his age. He was alone, but didn’t think much of it besides revenge against zombie-kind for taking his wife and son. He had once told Niall that he had another daughter and grandchildren, but he lost track of them when the apocalypse started. That was their group. Not really a bad size compared to the majority of the other groups and lonely stragglers that they had come across on their journeys. Niall shifted his sleeping bag and guitar to more comfortable positions on his back. Josh seemed to be deep in thought as he walked with his head down beside him. It was daytime, but it could have easily passed for night because of the clouds of ash that blocked out the Sun’s light. Only the occasional, brief break in the clouds that let a few precious rays touch the ground for a few moments before they were blocked out again told them that it was daytime. Niall looked up ahead. They were heading straight for a crumbling city that was sure to be crawling with zombies. They were searching, wandering tirelessly to find some kind of safe place to stay for more than a night. They searched for a place where there was no danger of zombies. They searched for a place where the Sun peeked through the clouds. They searched for a place where humans still lived in their dwelling permanently and weren’t forced to become nomads to find something that they once had. At least that was what Paul told them to motivate them when they grew tired and wanted to just stop. Their best bets were cities, but the problem with that was that cities were where zombies flocked because of the concentration of human population. Most cities were abandoned and completely infested with zombies picking off the people who hadn’t left quite fast enough. In most cities, the zombies were equally active during the night *and* the day because of the competition for food sources. In cities they grouped together in massive hoards and mobs that waited around corners or in dark alleys for innocents to pass by. Paul had told them that this city was what used to be Chicago, Illinois. The skyscrapers were already looming high above them and they were still about a mile out.
​It didn’t take them too long to get to the edges of the city. When they did, the group was immediately disheartened to see a small group of zombies immediately hurry towards them. Paul shot them down with ease. He looked worried, Niall didn’t blame him. Cities were dangerous places to be, even during the day. The group swiftly shuffled down the street, keeping their eyes out for a sign of anything moving. As if on cue, a mob of about twenty zombies poured from a narrow alleyway. Paul and Walter took them down with ease, picking off the zombies one by one. Walter gave Paul a quick handshake before they continued moving. They all stopped short when there was a bird call from one of the alleyways. Birds? Niall hadn’t seen any birds since the apocalypse started. There was an answering call that seemed to come from a manhole cover right in front of them. Paul tensed and was just starting to open his mouth to mutter a warning, when a group of humans leapt from first floor windows and sprinted from alleys. Niall found himself with his cheek pressed against the pavement, a shoe on his neck, and hands pulling his arms back behind his head. He peered up at his attacker. It was a man with curly black hair. He glanced around at the others. Josh was being held the same way that Niall was, but by a man with fiery red hair and brilliant green eyes. Paul was held in a headlock with a knife pressed under his chin threateningly by a man in a leather jacket and long, brown hair. “What do you want?” Paul asked angrily.
“Everything, let’s see what they’ve got, boys!”
Thieves. The men holding them down rummaged through their bags and took their food and anything else of value. Niall struggled to get free and managed to get the hand restraining him between his teeth and he it down, hard and didn’t let go until he was smacked in the side of the head and was knocked unconscious. The last thing he remembered before everything went black were a series of gunshots and a scream from Lisa and Sophie’s bawling.

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