The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


1. Nialls P.O.V.

​Niall James Horan pulled the thin blanket over his head and plugged his set of ear buds into the small video camera. He shivered as the icy wind flowed through the dirty rag of a blanket as if it were nonexistent. The others in his group of refugees were asleep and he tried hard not to wake them. It had been a long day for all of them. They had been ambushed by the walking dead *ten times* that day alone. It wasn’t necessarily a very high number considering what they were used to, but the city had been infested and they came in hoards. If his old security guard, Paul Higgins hadn’t been there, they’d have all died. Paul Higgins and Josh Devine were the only ones that he had left from his old life at the moment. That’s what he called it, his ‘old life’. He could hardly believe that only about a year ago, he had been the sole Irish member in the most popular boy band in the world. He had been rich, had everything he ever wanted, but then a British scientist discovered a bacteria that he called the ‘Zombie Ingredient’. It could be easily fought off by even a newborn’s weak immune system, but in a dead body, where there was no immune system, it caused the muscles to move by themselves and the body became a zombie, just like that. It ate flesh to sustain itself so that it could keep its bodily functions working. If a body was not completely eaten by a zombie, it became a zombie itself. Even if the person got away alive, the bacteria had mutated in the attacker’s saliva, making it over a thousand times more potent. If you were bitten or killed by a zombie, you became one yourself, if there was enough of you left to move. The ‘Zombie Ingredient’ had been locked away in some secure lab, but that lab was ripped apart by a hurricane. It was the fastest spreading epidemic the world had ever known, and to top things off to make the *perfect* apocalypse, about two months into the so-called ‘Zombie Invasion’, Mt. Saint Helens erupted. It was massive and killed thousands, but the ash also blocked out the Sun. Two days later, two of the volcanoes in the Ring of Fire exploded, even *more* ash to cover the Sun. The eruptions kept happening all over the world, nobody knew why, but the atmosphere was currently almost completely clogged with the ash. Huge storm systems caused the ash to move. It rained storms of black, gunky mud all over several contrived, poisoning water supplies, causing mud-slides, etc. One Direction had been in the United Stated when Mt. Saint Helens erupted. Niall and his band mates watched the world fall apart. Airports were closed because of the ash and their group couldn’t go anywhere unless they chose to drive, but that was incredibly dangerous considering the bacteria that created the zombies had made its way all over the world via the storm systems. One Direction had been trapped in their hotel rooms for weeks while Paul, the only body guard that had been with them at the time, fought off the hoards of zombies that attacked the hotel. Eventually, the problem in the city they had been in escalated to the point where it was deemed ‘infested’ and they had to flee the city as refugees or die. They had been quickly surrounded by the largest pack of hungry zombies, only minutes after they had left the hotel. They had been separated from each other. Paul, Niall, and the band’s drummer, Josh, made it out of the city together. Even now, they had no idea if the others had survived that day, or where’d they’d possibly be if they *had* survived. They had started up a series of videos that were like the original ‘video diaries’ that they had did during the X-factor and on their first tour. They’d called them the ‘Apocalypse Diaries’. They were originally made as a bit of a joke, but it quickly escalated into a full blown apocalypse, and the diaries went from joking around and being idiots, to nearly-completely serious documentaries of their day-to-day survival. Niall had been filming as they had been attacked that fateful day. It was all on camera. Niall re-watched the diaries again and again, entertaining the thought that his friends could still be alive.​He turned on the camera and scrolled down the list. He watched videos where the gunshots from Paul’s shot gun could be heard, while the boys cowered in a locked room of their suite. Louis would occasionally yell insults into the air after a shot was fired. Niall couldn’t help but chuckle lightly to himself as Louis did a fist pump and yelled, “TAKE THAT BUNT CAKES!” Somebody shook his shoulder lightly and he jumped in surprise. He pulled the sheets back and stared up at a shirtless Josh Devine.
“Couldn’t sleep either?” Niall asked, barely audible.
Josh sighed and nodded, sitting beside him cross-legged. “I’m not really tired.”
Niall smirked. “How can you *not* be tired?”
Josh shrugged. “Adrenaline, I guess…”
“You should really try to sleep.”
“You think I haven’t tried?”
“Wanna watch the diaries with me? They’re pretty entertaining.”
Josh lifted shrugged again. “Sure, why not…”
Niall handed him one of the ear buds and moved the video camera so that Josh could see too. They chuckled in unison at Liam’s girly scream when Paul unexpectedly opened the door. Niall bit his lip as the video ended. He scrolled thoughtfully down the list of others. He looked up at Josh and found himself asking the question that he could never bring himself to articulate. “Do you think they’re alive? The others, I mean.”Josh visibly withered a little inside. “I sure as heck hope so, Ni… Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure at least one of them got away, if they are still alive now, it’s possible, but I’m not sure. We have Paul. They don’t.”
“True, but how many of them do you think made it?”
“Well, I pray all of them did.”
“Well yeah, me too, but thinking realistically who do you think may still be alive?”
Josh was silent for a moment before replying. “We all had guns that day… Paul taught us all how to shoot… We heard more than one shot being fired. They could all be still alive. Louis had the best aim, but Joey was pretty trigger happy and he didn’t have *bad* aim. Lou and Joey, I’m sure. The others are a mystery.”
Niall nodded. Louis Tomlinson, his British band mate, *had* been a really good shot… Joey Cottle was a great guy and he was one of Niall’s close friends, the other boys’ too, especially Josh and Joey. Joey was a cool guy, and not bad with a gun. It was nice to know that they may still be alive, but what about the others? Harry hadn’t been very good with a gun, nor Liam. Zayn had been okay, but not good enough to survive the apocalypse by himself… And the instrumental band boys. What about them? Jon Shone, Dan Richards, Sandy Beales? Nothing could be sure of, and Niall hated that fact.


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