The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


9. Niall P.O.V

​Niall fingered the video camera that was in his pack. He looked around himself. The others were looking to him for guidance. He really had no clue what he was doing, but he guessed that he was doing it well enough. They were heading east in the direction that Walter had watched the thieves run off. With a sigh he pulled out the camera. Why not make at least one more Apocalypse Diary? For the fans, the vast, insane, stalker-ish Directioner fandom. He turned on the camera and switched it to night vision so that he could be seen in the darkness of the daytime. He cleared his throat as it started recording. He forced a smile. “Hello! I’m Niall Horan! And welcome back to our Apocalypse Diaries! As you know, the boys and I have been separated. Paul, Josh Devine, and I stuck together and we built up a group of stragglers. Strength in numbers, I suppose. Anyway, recently, we have encountered some low-life thieves who jumped us. I am very, *very* sad to say that out dear friend, Paul, did not make it.” Niall choked up a bit and he had to take a second to swallow the enormous lump in his throat. “And one of my best mates, and One Direction’s drummer, Josh, was taken by them. The eldest in our group, Walter, thinks that he may be traded in exchange, resources for whatever protection Josh can offer, like a slave. I have been promoted to the leader of our fine little group and we are currently heading east in pursuit of the thieves. Once we find them, I plan to avenge Paul’s death, and I plan to rescue Josh. This is just going to be short and not very sweet diary. I’m just keeping you all updated with the times. They are currently very bleak for One Direction. I love you all, I plan on doing more of these diaries, for the fans. Prayers for Paul, Josh, and the other boys… Good bye for now.” It was probably one of the most depressing of the diaries yet. Lisa put her hand on his shoulder as he turned the camera off and put his head down.  

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