The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


11. Louis P.O.V

​Louis sat on a rock beside Harry with a big sack of their goods that they came to sell beside them. The girl, Krissy, had said that her group and his would need to trade resources. It was true. Louis needed blankets and food. In other departments, his and Harry’s group was just fine. For example, batteries were a necessity that was scarce and expensive to trade for. Louis and Harry’s group had two battery-operated lanterns and they had an abundance of batteries to run them. Out of the darkness, a man with chin-length shaggy brown hair stepped forward into the light of their lantern. He stepped forward cautiously and shook his hand. Harry did the same, even though the man eyed him oddly. Probably because having more than one leader was very uncommon. “My name’s Louis, this is Harry. I believe you came to trade?”
The man nodded. “My name’s Jack. Shall we begin?”
“Sure. We need blankets, food, and water. What can we give you for some?”
Jack looked over his shoulder. A girl with dirty blonde, almost brown hair stepped forward and reported to him. “We are currently having a shortage of batteries and battery operated lanterns.”
“We have batteries.”
“How much of your listed resources will you need?”
“As much as you’re willing to spare.”
“How many batteries are we talking about here?”
“It depends, how much food and water and how many blankets are we talking about?”
The girl that Louis immediately recognized as Krissy stepped out of the shadows holding a pack that was very much like Louis’. “I believe that we can spare two blankets, five water bottles, two granola bars, a bag of marshmallows, a box of saltine crackers, and a package of sliced ham that’s still good.”
“You have meat? That’s still good?”
“We have a cooler that it stays fresh in.”
“Good for you.”
“How many batteries?”
“Harry?...” Harry dug in the sack and pulled out a package of ten batteries. Jack’s eyes widened slightly.
“We can give you ten, but we want more of that meat.”
“Eleven and we’ll give you another package of ham.”
“Eleven and you’ll give us two packages of ham.”
Jack creased his eyebrows. “That’s a lot to ask for.”
“So is eleven batteries, now how much do you need that meat compared to these batteries?”
Jack turned back to Krissy. “Can we afford to give that much?”
“Yes, but we’ll only have one package left of ham and then we’ll have to start eating the turkey.”
“You guys have quite a collection there.” Louis remarked, impressed.
Jack turned back to Louis. “It’s a deal.”
Louis handed over the batteries and Jack handed over the meat. “Nice doing business with you.” Louis said with a smirk. Jack nodded and turned and walked away. Louis lifted his lantern higher. An entire group of strong-looking men were behind him. Krissy, the other girl, and another who was standing towards the back, were the only females. Louis turned back to his group of children and Sister Delilah who were cowering in the shadows behind him. He sighed and then smiled at them. “Dinner time!” he announced and led them back to their camp.

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