The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


2. Louis P.O.V.

​Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles had gotten away from the massive hoard of zombies all right, but they’d had it hard. They tried going back to find the others, but the crowds of zombies were too thick and they were everywhere. Neither of them had any idea if anyone else had survived. Somewhere along the way, they had taken shelter in some kind of seemingly abandoned orphanage to escape a small group of zombies. They had nearly been shot by a terrified older woman, who was trying to protect a closet-full of little kids with a handgun. She called herself Sister Delilah and she had agreed to come with Louis and Harry, or rather insisted that she and the kids come with them. Now the two best friends were stuck with a group of eight kids under the age of eleven and an older woman. They had been walking all night and day and poor Harry was carrying a sleeping three-year-old bridal style. The others were shuffling sleepily behind him. Louis was in the very front of all of them. He looked around himself. They were somewhere in the middle of nowhere. As near as Harry could tell from his map, they were in some kind of field in rural Kansas. At the moment they were just looking for some place to stop for the night. Louis sighed heavily. “Why don’t we stop here for the night…”Immediately there was a chorus of relief as seven sleepy children practically collapsed to the ground. Louis took a deep breath of the sour air and took the sleeping bag that was in a bundle on his back and spread it out on the ground. Harry set the girl, Allie, down and placed a blanket over her. Sister Delilah went about to seeing that the others were comfortable. Louis took the bag of supplied out from inside his sleeping bag and passed out a pathetic dinner of water bottles, granola bars, and a few crackers each. Louis didn’t take any himself, in attempt to conserve as much as possible. Harry came over and spread his sleeping bag out on the hard ground beside Louis’. He offered him some of the granola and some water, Louis only accepted a drink of water. He’d have his granola bar in the morning, when it was more necessary for energy. Harry just raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything.
“I’ll take first watch…” Harry offered, but Louis stopped him with a shake of his head.
“No, it’s my turn. I’ve got this. You get some rest. You’ll need it.”
“So will you.” Harry countered. Louis shrugged.
“I guess, but I’ll have my rest when you take second watch.”

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