The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


8. Krissys P.O.V.

​Krista Powers looked back over her shoulder nervously towards the direction her group was camped. She shook her head, chiding herself. She was in *serious* need of a bath and this creek was the place to get one. The night air was chilly and it was pitch black. She made her way down the bank with her battery-operated lantern that lit the area around her so that she was in her own little bubble of light. She had a gun with her in case any zombies decided to make a surprise visit, but she seriously sucked at defending herself with a gun. Heck, she couldn’t defend herself worth crap. It was a *very* good thing that she, Raven, Sydney, and… Winter… Found the group that they had. They were picky about who they let in, but they all had put on a pretty good act… Well, Winter hadn’t had to act, she was awesome as the gun stuff, but Winter… Winter wasn’t *around* anymore… Krissy shook the thought of her long lost friend out of her head and flicked off the lantern as she stripped at the water’s edge. The night air was cold on her bare body and the water was almost unbearably icy. She was half afraid that she may get hypothermia. With her luck she would, but at the moment it wasn’t her biggest concern. She slowly slid into the water a step at a time. She had turned the lamp back on low so that she could find her way back when she was finished. She looked back towards her nice, warm clothes longingly and took a step farther out. She was neck-deep in the swift current of the creek. She let it take her a ways as she uncapped her shampoo bottle with shaking fingers. That was when she heard a light splash. She froze instantly. Zombies? Had they seen her? Her legs refused to move. She barely breathed as she backed away from the shore slowly, careful not to make a sound. There was a break in the clouds and the moon momentarily flashed on the water. She tensed. The moonlight may have given her away. She took another step back and ran straight into a cool, fleshy body. She screamed and struggled away instantly. Zombie! Oh my God! The zombies are in the water! But then there was an equally surprised shout and an arm brushed against her and she tripped and fell back in the water. A lantern was turned on, illuminating the face of a man with soaked, rather long, brown hair, and a face that showed that he was freaking out just as much as she was. The shadows that the lantern cast made a lot of his features invisible to her, but she could easily tell that he was human. She breathed a sigh of relief. Thank *goodness*! But then, of course, she remembered that she was naked. She splashed noisily away and hid herself behind a rock that she hit her knee on. The man lifted the lantern higher. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think there was anyone else in here!” he exclaimed in a British accent. His voice sounded oddly familiar.
Krissy took a shaky breath. She had dropped her shampoo and her soap. Great. She’d never hear the end of this one from Jack, the leader of the group. “It’s okay, neither did I! You gave me a heart attack!” she gasped, breathlessly.
“KRISSY! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?!” It was Jack. He’d heard her. She glanced back up at the bank and spotted Jack, Raven, and Ken looking around frantically.
“I’m fine! But we have a visitor!” she called back to them. She turned back to the man. “What’s your name?”
“Louis… Louis Tomlinson.” Krissy resisted the urge to gasp in surprise. Winter had been the biggest Directioner known to mankind before… Well, anyway, she had taught Krissy a *lot* about One Direction and Louis Tomlinson was the one that Krissy admittedly had a bit of a crush on. He was funny, crazy, British, and *hot*. Krissy herself wasn’t a Directioner, no way. (A/N: she wasn’t when this was written. She is now though. My bad! Lol) She was a Hiddlestoner, very much in love with the actor Tom Hiddleston who played Loki in the Avengers movie. Krissy shook the thoughts out of her head. Now was not the time to be thinking about what her life was like *before* the apocalypse. All the mattered was what was going on *during* it. She just nodded and held out a hand in a handshake. “I know you. You were in One Direction. My friend Winter would’ve given anything to be here right now. She was the biggest Directioner ever. My name’s Krista Powers, but call me Krissy. *Nobody* calls me Krista.”
Louis raised an eyebrow. “It’s been a while since somebody recognized me… And I noticed that you used ‘was’ when you talked about your friend. Is she?... I’m sorry. I shouldn’t ask.”
Krissy shook her head, not letting it show that he had hit a soft topic for her. “She’s dead.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“Whatever… Are you a straggler or are you with a group? I’m sure our leaders would want to meet, you know, to trade resources and such…”
Louis nodded absently. “I’m with a group and I’m the leader. We’re camped downstream. I’ll meet with your leader as soon as possible. It was, ah, *nice* meeting you.”
Krissy raised an eyebrow, just daring him to look down. She may not be a killer, she may not be a fighter, but she sure as heck could slap a pervert. “You too…” she said. “Now get *out* of here! I’m naked for God’s sake!”
Krissy could tell that Louis brushed a bright scarlet, even in the color-bleaching whiteness of the lantern’s light. He swam off in a hurry. Krissy did the same, but having to fight against the current. She looked up at the members of the group that had come to rescue her. “Get out of here! I’ll be up there in a minute!” she said, trying to hide in the water. Jack and Raven immediately turned away and hurried swiftly back up the sloping bank. Ken hesitated, raising an eyebrow and looking her up and down. She made a mental note to let him hear all about it once she got dressed. She dried herself quickly with a towel as she shivered in the night. She kept replaying her and Louis’ conversation. Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was a leader of his own group. What happened to the others? She’d have to ask him, curiosity was getting the best of her. She was grateful for the warmth of her clothes as she slipped them over her body. She grabbed her lantern and made her way back up the bank and towards the camp. That was by far the weirdest bath she’d ever taken… Or tried to take anyway…

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