The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


7. Josh's P.O.V.

​Josh woke with his head throbbing. He realized that he was moving and that there was something wrapped around his wrists. He forced his eyes open and peered around. He was lying on his back on some sort of sled… He looked around. The man with the bright red hair who had attacked him back in Chicago was pulling him along like a kid with a wagon. Others walked around him. Josh’s group was nowhere in sight. His heart skipped a beat when he remembered being knocked unconscious. His pulse picked up even more when he realized that he was hog-tied with a scratchy rope. “W-What’s goin’ on?” he asked. His voice was hoarse. Red Hair looked down at him.
“You’re going to earn us a mother-load of resources, that’s what.”
Josh shook his head. “*What*? Where’re my friends? What do you plan on doing with me?”
“So many questions.” A new voice spoke.
Josh lifted his head to look at who was talking. He recognized him immediately as the man in the leather jacket, the leader most likely, who had attacked Paul. “Answer them.” Josh demanded.
“Your friends are right where we left them. As for what’s gonna happen to you…” the man chuckled. It was a chilling, dark sound. “I must apologize, we’re all just trying to get through this thing right? Well, anyway, you’ll be sold as protection to anybody who’s willing to trade resources.”
Josh was stunned. “I’m not a slave!”
“You are now.”
“Are my friends okay?”
“Not all of them, you’re leader is dead.”
Josh was stunned. Paul?! Dead?! How?! “W-What? You killed Paul?!”
“Was that his name? The big guy? Yeah.”
Josh inhaled sharply. Paul?! It was still so unbelievable. Paul fought off hoards of zombies and he was supposedly killed by a bunch of muggers?! It couldn’t be true… And what was all of this stuff about him? He was basically going to be sold as a slave now was he? That just wasn’t right!

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