The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


10. Joeys P.O.V

​It was funny how that, even during a zombie apocalypse, the boys could still have some fun. Dan was rocking in his six-string while Joey and the other boys sang along to an ever-changing montage of songs. At the moment, they were singing some Blondie. It was a shame that Josh wasn’t with them, Joey and Josh always tended to be the life of the party, but Josh wasn’t with them and Joey was forced to be the ‘life’ all by his self. Sandy was shaking his head at them with a smile at their idiocy as he walked along beside them. Joey flung an arm over the bassist’s shoulders as he ruffled his hair. Sandy pushed him away, smoothing his hair out. “You’re such a party pooper! Dance, brotha!” Joey called and struck a ridiculous pose as he attempted to ‘dance’. Sandy laughed and did some kind of Egyptian walk thing. “Well… That’s a start!” Joey said clapping him on the back, proudly.
“You guys are nuts.” Sandy chided, shaking his head again.
“Thanks, we try!” Dan called over his shoulder.
Sandy messed up Joey’s hair and Joey slapped him on the arm, trying to fix his hair back to its former glory. “Ay! Even during a zombie apocalypse, my hair must defy gravity, thanks!” Joey said wagging a finger at his friend.

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