The Apocalypse Diaries (A One Direction Fan-fic)


4. Dans P.O.V

​Dan Richards, One Direction’s guitarist, lied on his back and looked up at the seething masses of black ash clouds that blocked the night sky from view. One thing that apocalypse had taught him was this: strength in numbers and that was something that his group was currently lacking. When they had been attacked by a wickedly huge group of zombies the day that they had left the hotel as refugees, the boys that played the instruments for One Direction had tried to stay together and they had succeeded, sort of… The drummer, Josh Devine, disappeared from their numbers at some point. The only people in the group were Joey Cottle, himself, Sandy Beales, and Jon Shone. He currently had no idea where they were at, or where exactly they were going. Whenever he asked, Sandy, who was in charge of the maps, would tell him their location, and that they were headed somewhere safe. No particular destination was in mind. Dan looked around himself at his band mates. They were all lying awake just as he was. He turned to Sandy who was closest to him. “Can’t sleep either?”
Sandy shook his head. “You know… Somebody should be keeping watch. I just can’t sleep knowing that *they* could sneak up on us… Just saying.”
Dan shrugged. “I’ll do it. Why not? But you get tomorrow night.”
Sandy nodded and rolled over. Dan heaved himself up and walked around the perimeter of their tiny camp. Nothing stirred in the ominously still night. He grabbed his guitar and strummed a couple of cords. The music was calming. He supposed that it may not be such a bad thing to be a musician during an apocalypse. He stared back up at the sky. There was a brief and small break in the clouds and there was a patch of sky that burst with twinkling stars. He played a more lively rhythm and was rewarded by Joey throwing his shoe at him. Dan snickered and threw it right back, but quieted his playing a bit from What Makes You Beautiful to Ed Sheeran’s Lego House. It was a much more relaxing tune to play with just the guitar part. He half wished that the boys would get their sleepy butts up and play the other instrument parts. Maybe Joey could sing, he wasn’t *too* bad. Dan just shook his head and chided himself. He looked around again. No zombies were in sight. That was a good thing, because he feared that the noise may attract them, but that didn’t matter, not really unless they came in a huge mob. A mob would be a problem, but a few stragglers wouldn’t be in the slightest. He finished with his song and smiled to himself and switched from the quiet, relaxing song to Rock Me by One Direction. He was tempted to grab his electric guitar, but the boys needed their rest. It was a pretty repetitive tune to play on the guitar and he switched back to something more entertaining to play.

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