Why Me? (Niall Fan-fic)

This story is about a girl who used to like One Direction but realized how annoying they were. Her parents and her best friends parents and their best friend just died in a plane crash. She lived with her sister in California and she is now moving to Bradford to be reunited by her long lost brother Zayn Malik. Yes, Zayn from One Direction. What could be worse? Everything. Will she fall in love with the person she hates the most? Read more to find out!


9. why?

Kat's POV:

after me and sara went up stirs to set up my room tricia waked in.

'oh honey no need of setting up your room.'


'vecause you are moving in with zayn and the boys in there holiday home for the couple months'

'WHAT??!?!?!' me and sara said at the same time


Sara's POV:


'close your mouth you'll cath flies' liam said as he walked in. i just glared at him he just smirked at me. waht a dusch1


a/n sorry for the short chapter :( i have to go to a movie. I'm gonna watch Epic!!!! i'll try to update later tonight!!!



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