Why Me? (Niall Fan-fic)

This story is about a girl who used to like One Direction but realized how annoying they were. Her parents and her best friends parents and their best friend just died in a plane crash. She lived with her sister in California and she is now moving to Bradford to be reunited by her long lost brother Zayn Malik. Yes, Zayn from One Direction. What could be worse? Everything. Will she fall in love with the person she hates the most? Read more to find out!


14. OMG THANK U!!!


O MY JESUS LAWD!!! thank u guys so much for 100 views i am honestly like freaking out and i needed some cheering up!

why u may ask well cuz i had a date with this guy i really like but he cant go tome=row and said if we could go next saturday BUT i may not be able to go cuz its my sis's grad party the next day and i have 20 billion relatives staying at my house so..... i am freaking out if anyof u guys have advice plz comment or kik at 1direction_belieber any way love u guys i will update tomrow cuz i am sooo tired i was at school for 12 freaking hours (long story i did not get in trouble) so.... yea!


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