Why Me? (Niall Fan-fic)

This story is about a girl who used to like One Direction but realized how annoying they were. Her parents and her best friends parents and their best friend just died in a plane crash. She lived with her sister in California and she is now moving to Bradford to be reunited by her long lost brother Zayn Malik. Yes, Zayn from One Direction. What could be worse? Everything. Will she fall in love with the person she hates the most? Read more to find out!


10. moving in. again

Sara's POV:

Ugh! i hate Liam with a passion! He's such a dickhead! i mean seriously he didnt even bother helping me with bringing in my stuff into the house. 

'HOLY JESUS CRAP' me and kat said at the same time when we saw five boys shirtless. i gotta admit they were pretty fit.

'take a pic it'll last longer love' niall said. all the guys chuckled. Sara and I just glared at him.

Kat's POV: 

'take a pic it'll last longer love' niall said. 

GOD! I hate him so much! Honestly i am done with boys after my ex boyfriend, Stephen, broke up with me for my best-- i mean EX bestfriend right after my parents died. no literally at their fucking funeral! *ring ring* DAMMIT ITS HIM!!!

"Are u gonna get that" Asked zayn.

I couldnt help it i burst out crying right there.

'did i say something' zayn asked 

'YES!' screamed sara

'c'mon lets go upstairs and u can take a long nice nap and dream abot unicorns adn food' 

that would be nice so i just nodded and went upstairs. the doorbell rang and niall went to get and he said it was for me so i went to the door and i saw.....


a/n ooo what did she see!?!? sorry i havnt updated in a while i have just been soo busy with work andfreaking out about my date next saturday sooo leave nice comments and so yea...




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