Break My Heart ( A 1D FANFIC)

Louis and Harry have always been besties and will stay that way but, when Harry finds out he is going to be a dad for a little romantic intrest right before the tour will the baby not have a father or will the father of his child might be his best friend.


1. Mrs. Styles ( Harry's girl)

Salonie and Harry where talking, Harry said Im so glad  I met you, I love you, Salonie Misbeth Jackson. I love you to Harry! Hey, im gonna go tell the rest of the boys to go fishing without me, I have a surprise for you. YAY! Salonie screemed. Hey guys im gonna have to cancel i got plans with Sally--, Right before Harry could finish Louis said oh Sal again wow you guys are getting preety serious. Harry was so upset his bff cut him off in the middle of a sentence he just said ya, and walked back. 3 HOURS LATER, Wow! Harry that was the best surprise in a long, long time. Ya, I know. Harry got out of bed and put his trousers (pants) on one leg at a time, Okay Louis is really upset that im not spending time with him but-. Salonie interupts him, Harry you should have told me! i know you do not understand women but, Louis is your bff,and i know you would do the same for me and Jacki ( Salonie's BFFFF).Yah, your right i guess...... I didnt think much about it. Good Night

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