Break My Heart ( A 1D FANFIC)

Louis and Harry have always been besties and will stay that way but, when Harry finds out he is going to be a dad for a little romantic intrest right before the tour will the baby not have a father or will the father of his child might be his best friend.


3. Jacki and Sal's Day Out

Hey girl, ill call you, *beep *beep *beep *boop *beep *boop *ring *ring , Hey this is Jacki Tencala speaking, Hey girl its Sal, Oh, Hey girl, whats up? Well I need girl advice can we go shopping and talk? Of course, Kay meet me at Waterview East Mall in Tonio's Girl Shoppe, 12 minutes later, Hey Sal whats up? You know Harry, Ya your boyyyfriend! Ya, well i kinda cheated on him with Louis, Omg!!! girl thats bad! I know Louis just did it. Oh girl you got a problem right ther. I know! Well girl lets shop, okay? K, Jacki. Girl look this pink bra with sparkles! Cool I said in a bluntey look. Wats so not-popping! Nuthing Jacki nuthing. OKAY, girl you shop and meet me at Staring's Caffe. Yes ma'am. *3 HOURS PASS  Where is that girl i think. 820 MINUTES PASS ThAT;S IT IM LEAVING ! I walk to Starring's Caffe, Jacki's not there, Im asuming she's not my friend anymore. I'm going to my Aunt Reshele, she always has good advice. I go to Aunt Reshele's and she " Denver Residence, Proud Faimly of U.S. Trooper, Collin Denver ( my cousin) I knock on the door and about 2 seconds later, Jillian ( my 6 year old baby cousin) opens up with tears in her eyes, whats the matter Jilli? Ma-Ma-Mommy, What about her, she she's hurting I run to my ( 8 month old baby cousin Giovonni's room) Aunt REshele is passed out i call 911 and comfort both Jilli and Giovonni while think about Collin.

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