InSaNiTy TuLiO

Tulio(Known as Nyu in the beginning), has a terrible long story.
The pain she went through, the punishment, and blood hunger. Tulio, will be telling you her life story.
Her adventures comes along with a cat, named Bananza.
They both suffer the same situation.
But they will find a way to stop evil.


1. Prologue

"Pathetic cat! You can run but you can never hide from Shadow my dear."The voice echoed through the darkness as I quickened my pace in the tunnels. 


I was soon out of breath. My left wing was sprained and I wasn't able to fly. So my paws were the only useful thing.


I felt myself trip over my paws."Aah!"I fell face first on the hard ground and grunted."Kitty Witty, you know you can never save your kind."I felt claws dig into my back, so close to my spine. I yowled in pain, feeling my blood leak down my pelt, staining my white coat.


"You know, if you don't want to die, all you have to do is obey my orders.."The cat growled. I knew she needed my help. I can't just let Cece down like this!"I would rather die than to serve your rights!" I snarled harshly, turning my head to see the she cat, and spat in her face.


I saw the anger in her face."I see how it is.. Very well then."I felt her sharp teeth sink into my throat. I wailed loudly in pain. 


I felt something odd inside me, and I knew I wasnt myself anymore, but, I knew the other me can end this battle once and for all!

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